Are you Hiring?
No. We do this as a hobby so we have no money to hire people at this time, if things change we will open a new section titled ‘Jobs’ on the menu bar above.


Why is there such long gaps between games?
Game development is still a hobby for us (for now), so we have to squeeze development time in-between juggling work and our personal lives. Family and paying the bills have to come first.


Why was ‘R-Bot VS’ discontinued?
‘R-Bot VS’ was discontinued because sales of ‘R-Bot VS’ slowed down to almost zero by years end and we could not justify paying Apple a yearly fee to keep the game up. IF we decide to release another iOS game ‘R-Bot VS’ will return.


Can I still get Gravitronix?
Officially No, Nintendo shut down the Wii Shop Channel on Jan 30th 2019 on both the Wii and WiiU.
Un-officially Yes, If you have a Modded Wii or WiiU system with a WAD Installer you can download a copy of Gravitronix here.


Can you tell me how to Mod my Wii/WiiU and install Gravitronix?
No, There are plenty of sites out there that will walk you through it. We are just offering the WAD file since there is no longer a legal option for getting it.


Can I beta test your next game?
Right now development is in the very early stages, pre-alpha. When we get closer to release we will make an announcement and open a new section titled ‘Beta’ on the menu bar above.