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Xbox One revealed
Can't believe I forgot to make this sooner.

Next Xbox gets revealed today at 10AM/1PM EDT, so this will be the thread for it.
Xbox One has been revealed.

[Image: Xbox-One-Announce.jpg]

All the details here.

This was an absolutely disastrous reveal. I haven't seen a single person impressed that wasn't a fanboy. So much wrong; it's pure hubris if they think they can get away with half this stuff. We're talking:

- Ugly ass console (which I fully expect)
- Semi/always online (needs clarification)
- Focus on apps and TV instead of games
- More of the same type of games (Call of Duty, EA Sports)
- Blocks used games (tied to your account; activate it on another account with a fee)
- Non-replaceable HDD (need external storage if you run out of space)
- Absolutely no backwards compatibility
- Kinect required
- A host of other problems I probably forgot to mention
But all the things they made very slightly more convenient that were already super convenient? You don't have to use your TV remote controller (which is a real hassle) to change input from TV to XBox anymore! Now you can just talk to your XBox! Unless of course you're Welsh or Ccottish or any other English speaking background that has an accent it's not going to recognize.
Outside the system specs (which were pretty much identical to the PS4), Yeah this was one big disappointment...

First off Name SUCKS! Really anything could have been better...

The system looks like a early media center PC and not like a gaming console. While not really a bad thing for the adult gamer it still sucks.

I know they said this press event was all about the system and E3 was going to be all about the games but still I would have liked to have seen something that appealed to me and not CoD and Sports games. They said they have 15 exclusives that will be released in the first 12 months and that 8 would be new IPs, that has me excited, thou I really could have used some hints at what was in store.

The Used game issue seems to be flip flopping a lot, Some are saying that used games are dead, some are saying there is a fee (like the game pass), some are saying its one game per account and some are saying its business as usual. MS really needs to clean this mess up fast.

No backwards compatibility really pisses me off, especially no backwards compatibility with XBLA games. For the first year the games available is going to be slim pickings and I'm willing to bet that part of those 15 exclusives are going to miss their 12 month release window.

As it stands if MS can't seriously deliver at E3 I'm most likely going to wait a year (or more) till I get a Xbox One.

Not a good out the gate start for MS. But its not like Sony hit a grand slam as well, both systems are huge disappointments at this point in time and both are pushing me into a WiiU/PC next gen.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
It can't be that disappointing if you're still talking about getting one a year after it launches. No used games, always online and a wealth of other shit made sure this was a day never.

The backlash from the Xbox One was so strong that EA started making games for the Wii U again.
It was disapointing because they only showed off crap, they barely touched on what is truely important, the games, There are still going to be next gen console exclusives that I want to play (Halo, Destiny, Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Earth Defense Force, and King of Fighters) so I'm always going to have a need for a next gen console.

The used game issue seems to be untrue now, MS has stated that you will be able to resell your games, but they really need to clarify that cause it is still causing some confusion. But honestly I really don't buy used games any more, when you buy used games you take sales away from the developer which hurts them, people blame piracy for poor sales of games when GameStop does just as much (if not more) damage since they never report how many times they resell a game. And is buying a used game and not supporting the developer really worth saving $5... :/ truth be told the death of the used game market doesn't really bother me all that much since it really doesn't bring much to the table, theres a reason why there is so much hatered towards GameStop.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
MS is still flipflopping on the used games issue so I'll believe it when I see it. All I know is that they're trying to restrict what I can do with a game I legally own just to make a buck off of me.

I can live without the Ninja Gaidens and Final Fantasies if it means not giving away my consumer rights. I don't expect very many Japanese exclusives for a console designed to be the opposite of what Japan buys anyway.

Not to mention that used sales are not even remotely a problem here for the industry. Their problems are astronomical budgets, rampant mismanagement, failure to react to new trends, brand and genre dilution, childish attitudes, and a chronic inability to take responsibility for their own actions. This industry is the only one that throws tantrums over the used market because they can't own up to the fact that they are the ones destroying it. Most games are overpriced and their prices collapse at record paces. It's so commonplace on the HD consoles to walk into a game store and see the latest big release get its price slashed down to $30 or $20 before it's even a year old. Their games can't keep value but they blame the used market. They can't make back their stupid budget but they blame the used market. They stealth release with no marketing but they blame the used market.

Most of their tactics for combating used games are anti-consumerist in nature because they are creating "solutions" for something that's not the problem. I will not support a console that treats me like a criminal for acknowledging my consumer rights. It sends the message that this is okay, and if MS and EA and all the greedy fucks that are pushing this think that everyone is okay with it, they're going to ramp it up to 10 because they are already telling you that by doing this, they have no intention of fixing what's actually wrong with the industry. They don't have to when they can patch the holes of their leaky ship with the extra money they are taking you for.
What about games on Steam? Can't resell or trade games there, once you bought it it's yours and yours only. Funny how no one complains about them...

It's not just MS and EA talking about how the used game market is hurting sales, almost every publisher has talked about it at one point, hell that why the whole Online Pass crap got started.

Anyway here is the current info on the Xbox One and Used games:

Quote:The Xbox One does support used games and it does support game sharing -- but the details are in some cases a bit murky. Join us after the break for an exploration of what we know.

Yes, you can play used games. Yes, you can buy used games and, therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that you can sell them too. It was postulated that you would have to pay some sort of activation fee to Microsoft to re-enable those used games, but Microsoft seems to be trying to dispel that thought. Exactly how it works still remains to be seen. "It's going to be different than the way we currently do it," Albert Penello, senior director of product planning at Microsoft told us. "We'll get into more specifics later."

Just pop the disc in and start playing and the game will start installing while you play. No need to hit the Y button and go through any other theatrics.

Sick of sitting through the full game install on the Xbox 360, only to still have to get up and put the disc in every time you want to play it? So was everyone at Microsoft, as it turns out. "That feature, the ability to play games off the hard drive, was one of the first things we wrote down when we started to talk about next-gen," said Penello. So, yes, once you install the game, you can put the disc on the shelf and forget about it. But, presumably, you can't just sell the disc and still keep playing the game.
So, how does that work? At a minimum, each game disc must have some sort of unique ID associated to your account. "Your Xbox account will tie you to your game," said Penello. That ID must, therefore, be somehow disassociated from your account before you can sell the thing. Unfortunately, this is where things start getting murky. "We'll get into more specifics later," Penello told us again, a common chant that hopefully will change when we get to E3 in a few weeks time.

Here's an interesting situation. What happens if you want to play a game you own on a friends console? You will, Penello says, have "the ability to go over to your friends house, download your save game, or even download your game to his Xbox and pick up where you left off." So, not only will your game saves be stored in the cloud, your entire game library will be and you'll be able to download it from anywhere.

That all your game saves are in the cloud is a nice step forward, but what if you're offline? Can you still access those game saves? Can you still play your games? Yes, you can. Games will work offline without an issue and game saves will sync transparently when you reconnect, Penello told us. However, some games that make use of Microsoft's online services may not be playable offline. That will be up to developers.

Another use-case we threw Penello's way: what if your spouse or child signs in to the family's Xbox One and wants to play a game that is associated with your account? Will they have to buy it themselves? "Certainly we've accounted for family members in the household being able to play games." Exactly how? That, again, remains to be seen.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Cap Wrote:What about games on Steam? Can't resell or trade games there, once you bought it it's yours and yours only. Funny how no one complains about them...

No one complains about them?

Quote:It's not just MS and EA talking about how the used game market is hurting sales, almost every publisher has talked about it at one point, hell that why the whole Online Pass crap got started.

They also keep talking about how all PC gamers are pirates and have gone forward with shitty DRM like always online. Do you know what the actual pirates did about Sim City? They hacked it to play offline. Do you know what happened to the legitimate customers? They're stuck playing with the shitty DRM that was supposed to stop the hackers.

Not surprisingly, EA was voted worst company again. But I'm sure that's all the used games' fault. I too find myself agreeing with the gripes of the worst company in America.

Quote:Anyway here is the current info on the Xbox One and Used games:
Quote:A bunch of bullshit

Frequent declarations of "that remains to be seen" fills me with joy knowing the robust history of Microsoft's solid hardware and digital services from their previous consoles.
Harmonix has revealed their new game as Fantasia: Music Evolved, a Kinect game for Xbox One (and 360).

Let's play a game. I want you to watch the trailer and identify how much of the material is from Fantasia. Spoilers: [spoiler]None of it![/spoiler]


I, for one, welcome our new Bruno Martian overlords.

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