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A Link to the Past sequel announced for 3DS
The best Zelda gets a direct sequel!


Miyamoto talked about remaking LttP but I didn't expect a sequel. LttP perfected the Zelda formula, I can't imagine what a game built directly off of it as a sequel could do.
All new dungeons, same overworld. Looks like the magic meter recharges over time, but using ANY items consumes it, including hammer and arrows. Very excited about this. That should be obvious.
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The Japanese trailer is even better.


Sounds like they updated the overworld theme.
There was a press event and they had a playable demo.


The sounds effects. The music. Homg!
Super excited for this, I'm glad that Nintendo is not abandoning the old school format, personally I've always liked the topdown Zelda games the most. Smile
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