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Playstation 4 announced

Playstation meeting today, big show, lots of attention, will be livestreamed. Starts at 6PM eastern.

There's no way the the PS4/Orbis/whatever isn't announced here.
I'm interested in seeing what they are going to show off, but in all truth I'm really not excited about the PS4.

More then likely I'm going to be waiting 3+ years before I get a PS4, Unless they get some really big must have exclusives. I got pretty burned on my PS3, I only own 10 games for it and 2 were free games from the big data breach in 2011, and 2 are updated HD trilogy packs of PS2 games (Jak and Sly) and I'm only going to be picking up 1 other game for it in the see-able future.
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This next gen isn't really that exciting or promising, most of the companies that make gaming exciting for me are shells of their former selves...drooling about graphics doesn't mean much when you already own a PC that's going to dust the new consoles.
Remember the days when announcements from Square and Capcom got you excited... I miss thous days.

Speaking of PCs dusting the new consoles, My PC is already better then the PS4 based on the specs they announced. =/
I know its common for consoles to use older hardware to keep prices down, but I'm very surprised on the PS4, My PC is about 2 years old and it has better hardware.

Nothing blew me away (or even really made me care) at the PlayStation Event. I will admit however that I do like the feature that allows you to play games as they are being downloaded, that was pretty cool.
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Quote:Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida just told our friends at Engadget current-gen PSN purchases won't transfer across to the PS4.

In last night's PS4 announcement, Sony revealed the new console won't have backwards compatibility for PS1, PS2, or PS3 discs, although the company aims to use the PS Cloud service to stream previous-gen games as a workaround.

Well that really kills it for me for getting a PS4 early. No backwards compatibility and I can't move my PSN purchases over... hell even Nintendo lets you move your WiiWare purchase over to your WiiU.
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I thought it was pretty obvious PS4 wouldn't have BC considering that it ditched Cell. It's funny how a lot of people are downplaying this; Sony basically pioneered backwards compatability for home consoles and now they're the first to abandon it completely.

I don't really expect the Xbox 720 to have it either, though.
Rumor: Final Fantasy XV is PS4 exclusive, co-developed by Sony.

Article basically says:
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII was turned into Final Fantasy XV (common theory)
- The project was moved to PS4 2 years ago
- Sony is helping with development so it will get out faster.

Sounds like a lot of BS to me. Versus may have turned into XV and it may be PS4 exclusive but having one developer that can't get a game out in a timely fashion (The Last Guardian) helping another studio with the same problem sounds hilarious. Also don't think SE is cozy with the idea of having a 1st party manufacturer dabble in their games.
I really don't see SE releasing any of their Big titles as exclusive any more. They just can't afford to make something like Final Fantasy XV an exclusive.
Sounds more like Sony Fan-boy wishful thinking.
Maybe we could see Versus XIII released as a PS4 exclusive, but the amount of copies that would have to sell at this point to recoup dev costs would make it an unrealistic path to take.
I have a better feeling we're going to find out Versus XIII is being delayed for the PS4 and Xbox 720, it just makes sense form a business stand point.
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ClaudeLv250 Wrote:I don't really expect the Xbox 720 to have it either, though.

I honestly think the Xbox720 will still be backwards compatible. MS hasn't pulled out original Xbox BC even with the newer models, and they know how important having BC with Halo 2 was with the 360 and with the 720 BC with Halo 4 will be just as important. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has one big advantage going for them when it comes to BC, they are still using the same architecture in their system e.g. IBM PowerPC Processor and a ATI/AMD video card, MS doesn't have to emulate or include the hardware to have BC unlike Sony.
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Driveclub was delayed to early 2014.

I hope no one here preordered the PS4/Driveclub bundle on Amazon!
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