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Mega Man 25th Anniversary
We'll celebrate it. Because Capcom won't!

I'm going to do a playthrough of the classic series (and probably X too). Anyone else?
Capcom does have Street Fighter X Mega Man coming out for the PC to celebrate it :p
Also I heard they have some news coming out soon about a new game.

I've been listening to the soundtracks lately, mainly because it seems all the video game radio stations have been celebrating it.

I might get around to playing the old NES games some time this week to celebrate.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
I saw it, and I have every intention of playing it (and the other 25th anniversary fan games).


BUT to say that "Capcom has it coming out" is giving them a free pass. It's a fan game they're endorsing...presumably because they have nothing themselves to present.
Christian Svensso Wrote:We'll be using this (Street Fighter X Mega Man) as one of many means of gauging where we're going.

They're using a fangame to gauge interest? Are you shitting me? This fucking company...

Street Fighter x Megaman is out. Only 33MB but the servers are getting hammered...wanted to try it before I went to bed but that might not happen.
I played the game. Did about 5 levels and beat 4 bosses (Urien kicked my ass).

Game goes far in trying to recreate the NES Mega Man authenticity. It's a little on the easy side when stacked up against the titles it's emulating (abundance of health items, weak enemies, etc.), also barebones with no saves, challenges, item shop or anything like that. Street Fighter bosses have a special bar that fills up every time you hit them, so you have to watch out for their hyper combos.
Beat the game. I can give a better analysis now:

The level design is lackluster compared to the main games; some levels feel like the go on too long without too much enganging play, and others feel like they end just when they start getting good. Like the level design, the graphics vary from stage to stage...some are plain and some stages look great, but there are a lot of instances where you can't tell what's solid and what's not. The bosses are the best part part of the package, and the music is great. There are a couple of secrets to be found; I haven't fought the secret boss yet. Despite the criticisms, I enjoyed what I played.

Capcom is thinking about bringing the game to consoles. If they do that they should take the opportunity to insert features that the later games brought and tighten up the experience to make it closer to the mainline games.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to bring attention to another fangame that should be coming relatively soon:


Quote:For Mega Man fans everywhere, we present a first look at a brand new Mega Man fan game to celebrate the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary!

Started in August, our team of six game industry professionals has been working hard to get a preview of the game ready in time for December 17th. Feast your eyes on this first trailer and expect more over the next couple of weeks. We really hope you enjoy what you see.

Capcom's sudden announcement of their support for Street Fighter X Mega Man sort of drowned out any attention this game was getting at around the same time and I want to make sure it's not forgotten.

EDIT: First demo went up.

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