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E3 2012 (3DS software showcase)
EA's conference wasn't that great, I was surprised to hear that THQ gave up the UFC license to EA (I have heard THQ made a lot of money off of giving it to EA) Other wise everything was old news or not surprising news for the most part.

Ubi has been doing will, Rabbidsland and Zombiu just secured a Wii-u in my house.
Still excited for Assassins Creed 3.
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EA's conference was great if your gaming tastes begin and end with sports and shooters.

Ubi actually had the most interesting conference so far because they actually brought things no one expected. It also sounds like Rayman Legends is now a Wii U exclusive.
Edge did a write up of Microsoft's E3 conference. I'll give you a couple of hints on how they felt.

Quote:“Today, it’s all about Xbox 360,” droned Mattrick, kicking off what’s best described as an excellent advert for gaming on PC. Because if Xbox is indeed the biggest console gaming brand on the planet, and if this is the landscape Durango will inherit, then console gaming is in trouble.

Quote:Halo 4, it turns out, does an excellent impression of Metroid Prime, the demo showing us a fetid forest through a convex tactical visor.

Quote:Either publishers were genuinely withholding all their games (unlikely), or this was one of the most contemptuous press conferences in E3 history.
So far E3 feels like a end of the generation E3, minus all the hype for the upcoming generation.
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Sony conference is about to start. Really interested in what they plan to do about Vita.

- Started with typical Sony montage.
- New Quantic Dream title Beyond: Two Souls. Sony must really like Ellen Page. Looks like another cinematic game with a supernatural twist.
- Sony Smash Bros. gets a 4 player stage demo. I don't know how you're supposed to tell when your character is on the verge of looks like supers are one shot kills. Kratos got his ass kicked. Game is also coming to Vita and has crossplay. The Nathan Drake and Big Daddy rumors were true. Bioshock is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
- Playstation plus additions (more games).
- Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified coming to Vita. Guess it's the lesser spinoff.
- Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (Vita) with a female assassin. Special unlocks if you connect the vita game with the PS3 game.
- AssCreed 3 demo. It's a new demo with ship battles on the ocean, but this game already got demo'd once already today so it feels like a waste of a slot.
- And now a Far Cry 3 demo. Ubi bringing redundancy to Sony.
- They showed "Wonderbook" which looks like an augmented reality game for PS3. I'm a little confused about what it is exactly you do, but they're getting people like JK Rowling involved for a Potter-themed Book of Spells release. Move is involved.
- Okay, this is really weird. It's cool from a tech standpoint, but it doesn't look fun to play. It stopped working halfway through, I felt bad for the lady that was "casting" a spell and having nothing happen.
- Playstation Suite expanding to non-Sony devices like HTC. Name is getting changed to Playstation Mobile.
- God of War: Ascension single player. Looked like typical GoW until Kratos reversed time to rebuild a structure and climbed up the time-frozen pieces.
- Release date March 12, 2013.
- The Last of Us stage demo. The game is pretty but gameplay wise it's nothing new.
- And that's all. No surprises...pretty underwhelming conference, but not as bad as Microsoft's.
Interesting things in the aftermath:

Vita barely had any presence there. It's really getting treated like PSP, a mini-console no one asked for that is getting Big Game: The Spinoff as a headliner. The heavily rumored Gaikai partnership did NOT happen. The Last Guardian is still MIA. Square Enix was non-existent...sad times for Sony.
From everything I have heard about Sony Smash Bros, the way you 'kill' people is you build up your special bar and once you have it full then you can attack someone which your special attack and get a kill that way. There is no other way to get a kill. So you could build up up your special with a friend and then go after someone who you have barely touched.

The best quote I heard about Sony Smash was, if your going to copy Smash Bros go all the way and not just 95%.

Anyway, Sony's conference was pretty bleak. Without even seeing it I'm calling Nintendo the winner of this E3 already.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Damn, that's what I thought. Any real strategy in that game just went out of the window when the only way to defeat opponents is through one hit kill supers. Smash Bros this isn't.

At least we get our first look at HD Nintendo games tomorrow. F-Zero plz.
Nintendo conference incoming. My body is ready.

- Started with Miyamoto and a Pikmin sketch. He talks about the purpose of the Wii U. He's showing off a black Wii U Pad
- Pikmin 3 shown. You can aim and throw pikmin with the Wii mote, and look around the map at any time with the U pad.
- There are new Rock Pikmin. No news about a release date.
- Reggie says it's all about the games today. There will be 23 Wii U games on stage.
- Netflix, Hulu, youtube and amazon video confirmed.
- Not enough time in the week to talk about everything, so they are just focusing on games.
- 2 U Pads support confirmed
- Miiverse reiteration. No new info so far. Universal connection won't be available at launch.
- New Super Mario Bros. U announced. You can really see the resolution bump over NSMB Wii.
- 4 player is back. Player can assist with the U pad.
- Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition. U pad features and exclusive armored versions of Batman and Catwoman.
- Scribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U.
- Game montage: Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Tank tank tank, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2: Director's Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3, Aliens.
- Wii Fit U announced. Looks like Wii Fit with some U Pad functionality (and a pedometer).
- Sing, a karaoke game.
- Switching gears to 3DS games. Software showcase tomorrow is strictly 3DS games, 1st and 3rd party.
- New Super Mario Bros 2. Gold everywhere, raccoon tail is back. August 19th release.
- Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Stickers everywhere, use them in battle. Coming during the holiday season.
- Luigi's Mansion 2 coming during the holiday season too.
- 3rd party reel. Epic Mickey, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts.
- Lego City Undercover for Wii U, janky framerate and screen tearing galore! 3DS version coming too.
- Ubi bringing games. Just Dance 4 demo.
- Zombi U trailer. I don't think any of this is gameplay.
- Ubi Wii U montage. Same one from their conference.
- Nintendoland. It's been compared to Wii Sports in importance to proving the controller. It's a Nintendo theme park with 12 attractions all based on Nintendo franchises.
- Zelda, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing based attractions.
- It's a launch game.
- And that's it.
So my take on the conference: undewhelming, but better than Sony and Microsoft's. This was the one they needed to sell Wii U, but I'm not entirely sold. Feels like hey were holding back.

But E3 isn't over and Spike is teasing a secret Wii U game soon.

EDIT: Developer is Platinum games! Project P-100...still waiting on a reveal.

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