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Street Fighter X Tekken (360) - My Two Cents
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I rented Street Fighter x Tekken the other night. If you have ever played Any of the versions of Street Fighter 4 then you have a basic idea of what your about to get yourself into, since the game for the most part IS Street Fighter 4 with a good selection of Tekken characters tossed in.

I put in about 5 hours into the game the other night, most of that playing in arcade mode, which continued to show why I have a love/hate relationship ship with Capcom fighters, I was doing fine progressing well then I hit that final boss and 10+ pissing me off losses later I FINALLY beat him, I don’t understand why Capcom makes it so the final boss is always 10x harder then any of the pervious matches, why not have it gradually get harder?

As I stated this game is pretty much just Street Fighter 4, so the game looks and feels the same as the last 3 versions. The game did add 2 new features to the game with the Gem System and Pandora Mode, while I didn’t get around to playing with Pandora mode as that much, I did get to use the Gem system a bit and did find that for someone like me who isn’t the greatest with fighters it actually helped me out a lot. The gem system provides stat boosts depending on the gem you have equipped, you don’t get these boosts until they are activated which is when certain conditions happen during the fight (e.g You get 10% more attack power when you when you block 5 attacks.) What I really liked were the Assist gems, which don’t require anything to activate them but make it ALOT easier to pull off special moves.

In this day and age most games now have a major focus on Online play, but for me I tend to avoid this mainly because even thou I love to play fighting, I really suck at them. I tried my hand at about 5 online battles and had my ass handed to me within secs… Not fun at all. In fact that would have to be my biggest issue with this game (and most online fighting games) is that there is no real area for the inexperienced and just plain bad at fighters to go to play online.

Overall Street Fighter X Tekken is a pretty solid fighter but brings very little to the table. The game could have just been called Super Street Fighter 4: Tekken Edition. I can’t say I was surprised with the few changes that were made this is Capcom after all and it is the Street Fighter franchise, very little changes between versions in a generation. I look forward to seeing what Namco will do when they release Tekken X Street Fighter.

– 8 out of 10 –
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The few changes they made are ridiculous and unbalance the game completely. Being able to do the exact same 4 button combination and then switch to the next guy with EVERY character turns it into more of a combo snoozefest (like Marvel vs Capcom 3, though not quite as extreme), as opposed to a game where individual moves matter like SF4. I admit, I enjoyed the game in the limited time I played it, but the frustration behind the combos being so easy and so repetitive wore me down quickly. I did like many of the Tekken characters though.

For my money, Super SFIV is still Capcom's best fighting game.
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As much as I like the Tekken characters in the game, if I had to go with one Capcom fighting game it would also be Super SFIV.
Anyone play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition? How does it compare?
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