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Hyrule Historia - Nintendo reveals the Zelda timeline
The translation is at least a little bit off.

1) The evil god Vaati is born - Vaati is a Minish with wish granting powers due to the Minish Cap. He was never born as a dark god
2) Revive seems to apply to Ganon when he is dead OR sealed away. Resurrect seems to apply to Vaati, even though he was also sealed away. Reincarnate applies to Ganondorf in FSA, which would actually make sense.
3) Ganondorf, the prince of thieves, is executed - He actually wasn't. The whole point is that they tried to execute him but couldn't. They banished him to the Twilight Realm, and Ganon's defeat in the Twilight era is never mentioned.

Even with those few somewhat significant flaws, that translation seems to make a great deal of sense. At least they admit that there are story elements missing between games, especially Ocarina and the three games directly following it.
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Seems more like anal technicalities than mistranslations. Ganon wasn't executed but it was his scheduled execution. Vaati's not a god but I wouldn't be surprised if anyone actually referred to him as that.
Here's a cleaner presentation:

[Image: nice.jpg]

I can look at atleast four "spots" where games can/need to take place without adding an entirely new era to the timeline.
So will Nintendo keep making prequels? Or try to fill holes so that all gets cleared out? Or will they concentrate on one time line and finish it? I've been waiting for the sequel to Zelda II forever. A sad as it sounds the Defeat timeline is my favorite and I want to see more of it.
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The Oracle games started out as a trilogy and remake of Zelda 1 and 2. If the third game wasn't cancelled and the Oracles weren't scrapped and started from scratch, we would have had a third game staring the original Link that happened after Zelda II. But I like the Oracle games so I don't feel like we were robbed on that front. Similarly, I know they've been toying with the idea of a 3rd Hero of Time game.

Knowing Nintendo, I don't think they're going to go too far out of their way to solve mysteries or tie up loose ends in the timeline, but stick to what they've been doing before: come up with some game ideas, then work a plot later and stick it somewhere in the timeline.
I am also thinking that at some point Nintendo is going to make the new Hero of Time and stop Ganon(dorf) from defeating Link, ending the defeated timeline and continuing with the other two.
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FC changed due to my son formatting the 3DS Sad
I want more Midna so Nintendo should do a sequel (or two) in the Twilght Era. :p
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I tought it was him at first but then the clothes made me rethink. But Im happy to know that the first hunch was the correct one.

OoT Hero is indeed the one that appears on TP.
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FC changed due to my son formatting the 3DS Sad

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