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Why The Binding of Isaac is worth your 5 bucks.
The few who read my blog will have read this already, but:

The Binding of Isaac on Steam

What's the best part of any Zelda games? Dungeons.
What's annoying though, is how they're always the same. : (

Well what if you could have a game that is basically entirely made out of old-school Zelda top-down dungeons, is entirely randomized with Rogue-like elements? That's The Binding of Isaac in a nutshell. But it's also so much more.

First off, it's made by the same guys who gave us Super Meat Boy. Agreed, the music is definitely not up to par with Meat Boy's (even though it's made by the same guy afaik), but the art style is definitely still there; simplistic, yet grotesque and often amusing.

You get a choice of 4 characters ( only Isaac is available at first and the others are unlocked through meeting requirements ), each with their own perks and disadvantages to overcome and are thrown in the multi-leveled dungeon you have to conquer. Every "level" of the dungeon ends with a boss. All the rooms are randomized so you never know where it really is, and even once you've found it, will you risk exploring for items or go straight to the fight?

The controls are deceptively simple; WASD to move, Arrows to "shoot" ( actually your character shoots tears, effectively crying his opponents to death ), Q to use one-time items, E for bombs and Space for strong items that recharge over time.

Now here's the kicker, you get one sole life to beat the game. Once you're dead, it's game over and you have to start over, but that's the beauty of it; every upgrade, item, heart matters, entering a new room is a gamble since you might find a treasure or a deadly opponent to face, but at the same time, if you don't explore, your character won't be strong enough when he reaches the later levels and you'll be eating your socks for not taking the time to properly navigate before. Of course that also means the game is meant to be beatable in one sitting; restarting and trying new things is key to its longevity.

What's more is you are deliberately being left in the dark about everything. You don't know what items do until you use them, and since there are TONS of different items to find, you'll be on your 30th walkthrough and still find items you never saw before, potentially spelling your own doom, or propel you to demi-god status. There's a wide variety of different enemies as well, and each of them has an upgraded, more dangerous version, including bosses.

Every item that boosts your abilities changes your character's appearance in some way, and none of them are pretty to look at. So since they're almost all stackable, you end up with a character that might be wearing high heels, lip stick, have a clothes hanger through the head, devil horns, a second heart beating on your chest and a cube of floating meat hovering around you.

I'm not done! Don't go look at forums and FAQs when playing this game! Discovering things as you go is half the fun! It is littered with little tidbits that you learn along the way that will help you in your subsequent attempts, like strategies against some enemies, ways to use certain items and methods to get to items your previously thought unreachable!

The game keeps track of the items you encounter and secrets you've unlocked, so even when you fail after getting deep into the dungeon, you still don't feel like you've lost your time. In a way, it's one of the single player games with the most replay value I've seen, since every new game will be completely different from the last. The challenge changes every time since you don't know what items you'll stumble upon this time, which boss you'll face at the end of which level or which room's monsters will drain you of half your life and wipe the smirk you had on your face for thinking you had an unbeatable build.

All this for 5 measly dollars. It comes with the soundtrack if you add 50 cents! : D
So give it a shot! You'll be hooked for sure!

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