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Whatcha Been Playing?
Your right, Earth Defense Force is a must be played with friends type game, but I still have fun playing it solo, just in little chunks.
I haven't had a chance to play Insect Armageddon yet since I'm waiting for Bin to get back from his vacation.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Trine - I have this bad habit of not moving on to the next stage until I find all the experience pots in the previous one. It was hard, but I moved on with one pot missing from the forsaken dungeon...

Monday Night Combat - I'm not good at this game, but damn if it isn't fun. I have a special appreciation for the assassin and tank classes, and assault to a lesser extent.
Dragon Nest went open beta and I started playing it...I'm level 10 and I like it so far. Pretty much a 3D Dungeon Fighter Online, with an art style that reminds me a bit of Mana games. I made a warrior named ClaudeLathan on the Argenta server. Thinking about making a Cleric or Sorceress next (leaning towards cleric).
Call of Duty Black Ops (360) - Rented it from Redbox cause I wanted to try out the Zombie stuff. The game it self is pretty good, I was actually enjoying the story. I'll pick up a actual copy once it drops to $30/20.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 2 (360) - Another game check off my list. After sitting on my shelf collecting dust since 2006 I finally went in and finished the damn thing. For a game that was dumb fun, the achievements were freaken hard to get.

Section 8: Prejudice (PC) - Game went on sale on GFW so I picked it up, I haven't put alot of time into it yet, but so far I'm enjoying it.

DDR Universe (360) - Got back into playing it for a work out.

Spyro The Dragon (PSOne) - Found a copy at Goodwill and it was on my list of game I have always wanted to play. So far I'm having fun, but DAMN do I miss the ability to move the camera on my own. Why hasn't Universal remade the Original Spyro games yet?

Parachute Panic (W7P) - My new addition on my phone.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Dungeon Fighter Online - I'm always playing this so it goes without saying.

Dragon Nest - Nexon's maintenance somehow ended up screwing with the Argenta server. Constant disconnects and errors for everyone...haven't played it since yesterday, but I'm currently level 12 and am in Canderock. Get my first class specialization at level 15!

Advance Wars - Anyone that remembers that old thread probably remembers my multiple attempts at approaching this game and always stopping in the middle of the mandatory tutorial. Well I booted it back up last week and managed to finally pass it and start the real campaign!

Professor Layton & the Curious Village - My first Layton, so I'm late to the party. 5th puzzle and already losing picarats...
I'm definitely suddenly interested in getting Bastion for XBLA. I felt like only Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was worth my money for a while, but Bastion received a Gamerankings average of 89% out of 41 reviews... that's really intense. Shadow Planet on the other hand has much more mixed reviews, with most complaining about shortness and pacing issues.
Bastion does look really cool and might be the only game that has shown up in the Summer of Arcade that is worth the price tag.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Bastion does look interesting indeed but yeah, I've just been playing the games that were on the Humble Indie bundle, like VVVVV and such. Also been playing Limbo now that its not only XBLA.
I wish I could play Limbo again for the first time~
i'm definitely enjoying it, only an hour in so far though, with classes running and all that.

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