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Whatcha Been Playing?
A LOT of Super Smash Bros: Project M
Pokemon Black
Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Bloons TD 4 (iPhone)
--If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? --

--You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.--
Ended up getting Radiant Historia.
It's a 6 hour trip to my mom's place, and I played the game every minute of it. So far so good Tongue
Assassin's Creed - this is another case of ragdoll physics turning a serious game into a hilarious one. Killed a guard on top of a roof with a throwing knife. He collapses and slides over the side of the building...and starts spinning really fast like a drill with his arms flailing as he plummets into the crowd below. It's a good thing I wasn't being chased because I laughed too hard at that.

Eternal Sonata (demo) - Don't know what Namco was thinking debuting such a Japanese RPG on 360. The battle system has potential but it did get repetitive by the end of the demo. I have to wonder if they could have benefitted somehow by going completely realtime.

Red Faction: Guerilla (demo) - the open world aspect and destructible environments are intruiging. Lack of a real health bar is annoying, and I hope it's just the demo AI that's stupid enough to throw a grenade at me, have it bounce off of the stone barrier and blow itself up. Took a while to get used to the controls because he last shooter I played was TF2 on PC. When the Wii U gets flooded in whatever FPS games will come, I really hope the developers make the Wiimote an option. Dual analog is so inferior.
The best part about console FPS gamers is how much they champion the dual analogs being the best controls when developers have to go through a slew of changes in order to make a formally PC shooter easier for controllers.
Sonic Generation DEMO (X360) - Incase anyone didn't know, they released a 20 day timed DEMO for Sonic Generation on XboxLive (and maybe PSN, not 100% sure). Sadly it is not the E3 demo we saw, instead its a 1 level remake of Green Hill Zone, and you only get to play as chubby Sonic. The level is a lot of fun, its pretty much a 2D game with 3D sprites with a little 2.5D added here and there, and it looks absolutely gorgeous, but I have one big gripe with it. Since there is so much detail in not just the foreground but also the back ground, it makes seeing enemies and even Sonic very hard some times. Hopefully this will be fixed before the game comes out. I also wish they added a level with Current Sonic as well, but I guess they figured that it wouldn't be any different then putting in a copy of Sonic Adventure :p
[Image: MedaForce.png]
I put in more than a day into Radiant Historia.
Battle Mechanics aren't getting old yet, so I'm still at it. Really saved me from the absolute boredom of having everyone in the household going to sleep at 10pm.
Can be a bit annoying to try and guess where they want you to be, who they want you to talk to and at what time for an event to trigger, but other than that, it's been entertaining.
Assassin's Creed - beaten! Having free reign to kill anyone anyway you want now should add some fun, but the only thing left to do is find all the flags but that's tedious and doesn't get you anything but achievements. Guess I can buy AC2 now.

Legend of Dragoon - I haven't played this in years. Like, literally since the game came out, but I never forgot it and started a new game because I remember stopping somewhere on the second disc when I played it all those years ago. It's flashy and a little shallow but I can't help but like it, and the timing-based attacks keep me more engaged than most turn based battle systems. I'd say it would be a good RPG for people that are new to Japanese RPGs or don't like them to be too complex and too pretentious in the storyline and gameplay mechanics department. I feel like some combination of Legaia and Dragoon's battle systems could birth something amazing.
Doodle Jump (W7P) - Fun simple game.

Brink (360) - Meh game, I can see it being fun if you have a good group of friends that you play with online, but single player sucks. Also Team Fortress 2 and Monday Night Combat are better (and cheaper) games.

Kung Fu Panda (360) - Pretty fun game, pretty much started playing it again cause I want to try and actually finish up some of my unfinished games.

DJ Hero (360) - Never planed on playing it, but they were selling the collectors edition at Big Lots for $20 so I figured it was worth a shot and I'm VERY happy I did. Love the music and the game play isn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Streets of Rage 2 (PS3) - Free game on PSN and I never played it back in the day. I like it, but its short.

Pokemon Black (DS) - Yep finally caved in and got another Pokemon game, the new look was enough to get be back in.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
This weekend I started my mission to go through and finally finish off a HUGE chunk of my Xbox games.
I have so many games that I started but got distracted and never finished and games that I bought planing to play but never getting around to it.
So before I'll allow myself to go out and buy any more games I have set the goal that I need to finish off at least 15 games.

Sonic The Hedgehog (360) - Finished with all Achievements Unlocked
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (360) - Finished and completed all Achievements EXCEPT for Online play one. No one plays Sonic 2 online anymore so I'll never get this last stupid achievement... :mad:
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (360) - Finished with all Achievements Unlocked
Sonic & Knuckles (360) - Finished with all Achievements Unlocked
Portal: Still Alive (360) - Finished off the last couple Achievements I had left.
Enchanted Arms (360) - After a 5 year break I FINALLY Finished it.
EarthDefenseForce 2017 (360) - Going through and finished each difficulty, It's still a fun game, but the game is long and half way through you really start to feel it.
Ghostbusters (360) - Going through and getting a few of the Achievements I missed Smile I still really love this game, to bad no one plays it online. Sad

Golden Axe (PS3) - Freebee on PSN... Really nothing special. :/
Zombie Highway (iOS) - Fun game my wife found. We keep passing the iPad back and forth trying to beat each others score.
Doodle Jump (iOS) - Got my wife hooked on it. Just like Zombie Highway we keep passing the iPad back and forth trying to beat each others score. This game is alot harder on the iPad then on my Windows Phone and her Android.
Doodle Jump (W7P) / Hexic Rush (W7P) - My two 'waiting for the wife to get out of work' games.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
You don't play Earth Defense Force by yourself : (
Of course it's going to be boring. And yes, that game was way too long for its own good.

I won my first Ranking matches at Blazblue yesterday :'D
I'm also on a quest to be able to play at work with the actual patches installed, but 1-the test and tool kits can't download patches and 2-even the RETAIL kits can't for some obscure reason. I'm guessing they're being blocked for some reason, so I had to ask tech support for help.... been waiting for a reply for 2 days now.

Started playing EDF Insect Armageddon; definitely an improvement over the previous game. The vehicles are useful and fun to play this time around, you have a better feel of accomplishment with the level up system, the physics and graphics have been given a boost, each of the four classes have special abilities, you can save downed allies after they die. My main gripes would be how the larger enemies seem to take a LOT more punishment than before, and, oddly, since they look better and act more natural, I'm actually less creeped out by the enemies now >_>

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