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Whatcha Been Playing?
Wow as the little one gets older the more games I seem to be able to play again Big Grin

Random Arcade Games (Arcade) - Happy Happy Time! Arcade Cabinet is all up and running, been playing a lot of different games.

Pokemon Shuffle (iOS) - Still addicted to it.

Super Smash Bros (WiiU) - Playing this off still, not as much as I was thou.
Yoshi's Wolly World (WiiU) - Just got it so I haven't had much time to play it yet. I will say I've really enjoyed the little I have played so far and can't wait to play more of it.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (3DS) - Fun game, if designing your house was your favorite part of the series this game is for you, if you were more into the collecting and fishing/bug catching this isn't for you.
Chibi Robo: Zip Lash (3DS) - It's okay... Honestly not sure what I was expecting when I picked it up but I just don't find myself having that much fun with it so far. Pretty generic platformer.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (XONE) - Love this game so far, I think I've enjoyed this one more then any of the other Assassin's Creed games
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Sacred 3 - I wish there was a Sacred game with the scope and customization of 2 and the tighter combat of 3. Maybe we will get that with 4 if they haven't abandoned the franchise after the reception to 3.

Clicker Heroes - Cracked level 1100 and still going. Someone save me from this game.

Warface - Got back into this around the Halloween event, but every time I play vs matches it just feels like everyone is cheating.

Oniken - Jumped back in thinking I could beat the boss rush or hardcore mode and pretty much had to relearn all the tricks and quirks of the game. This is one of those retraux games with relentless difficulty, though I don't find it that hard.

Dungeon Fighter Online (Global) - My Asura is a level away from cap, and the irony here is that it happened when I stopped focused on leveling him and mostly did the events. Also got my first epic from party hell mode from the current event (epic pole), and am about 10 floors away from finishing the Tower of Despair and getting a pot with an epic I can actually use. Next thing I need to figure out is who I'm going to level next, my blade master, demon slayer or glacial master.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - I don't normally bother with Lego games but this one was on sale for like $6 and I had enough digital credit to buy it.
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Pokemon Shuffle (iOS) - Only game I have on my iPhone right now.

Super Smash Bros (WiiU) - Playing this off still, not as much as I was thou.

Super Smash Bros (3DS) - Got a New 3DS so I've been playing it again with my Amiibos :p
Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS) - Addictive and evil since if you want to play more then once a day you need to pay.

Pneuma: Breath of Life (XB1) - Fun puzzle game similar to Myst.
Never Alone (XB1) - Simple game, but very beautiful and fun to play.
Halo 5: Guardians (XB1) - So disappointed there was no split screen play. Played the first 2 chapters and haven't had a chance to get back into it.

King of Fighters XIII (PC) - Damn you Steam Sale.
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (PC) - Got this one in a humble bundle, never upgrade the xbox version to the DX+, not as fun as the orignal Championship Edition.
Melody's Escape (PC) - Fun music beat game.
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Got a new 3DS, my friend code is - 5387 1446 0529

Dungeon Fighter Online Global - Asura is max level, just got him an epic short sword (after he got an epic lightsaber he couldn't use). Leveled my kunoichi up to 75 and she's one of the strongest characters in the game. About to awaken my glacial master next.

Mercenaries Saga 2 - Was only $5 on the eshop. If you like SRPGs like FFT and Ogre Tactics then this should be right up your alley. Also the main character is named Claude. Smile

Legend of Legacy (demo) - I knew I was going to buy this eventually but tried the demo anyway. It's scratching that SaGa itch Square has ignored for years.

Hyrule Warriors - This is game is more addicting than I thought, especially adventure mode. You can spend forever unlocking new weapons/tiers, heart containers and characters. The only glaring omission is online play.

FAST Racing Neo - I just bought it but haven't played it yet.

Crypt of the Necrodancer - Onslaught gave me this for Christmas.
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Lets see.....

Pokemon Yellow (3DS) - To celebrate Pokemon's 20th I picked it up and started reliving my teenage years with my daughter Smile
Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS) - This is Crack, I have to get my one free play fix every day.
Super Smash Bros (3DS) - Don't get to play on the TV much, thank goodness for the 3DS version.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (XOne) - Played all of 15mins.
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[Image: MedaForce.png]
I haven't posted in this thread in a while so I'm going to do a write up of all the games I've played recently.

Tales of Graces f
I played through and beat the game. Did almost everything that mattered - the future arc, all the secret bosses, all the requests, the Zhonecage, etc. Then started a second playthrough recently and started breezing through on higher difficulty levels. I don't normally play Tales games on the highest difficulty because the enemies just turn into cheap damage sponges (hello Symphonia) but Graces' combat is just so good that I can't help but keep fighting things over and over and switching up my party configuration. At this rate I'm going to end up getting all the trophies without trying.

Tales of Xillia
I had mixed feelings going into this from Graces. It's a good game for sure, but the battle system isn't as good. It's ironic because this is the game where you can see the shift in presentation for the series. It looks and feels like an evolution of the series, but there are still budget constraints holding it back (all these seahavens are literally identical). I finished chapter 1 of Jude's story so I'll probably have more to say when I beat the game.

Blaster Master Zero
When I was a kid, me and my friends used to imagine what sequels to certain games would be like, or we would talk about what we would add to expanded versions of our favorites games. So it's really crazy to see some of those ideas I came up with a loooong time ago actually make it into a Blaster Master reboot. This is how you remake a 30 year old game. The soundtrack isn't as great and modern gaming conventions obviously took a lot of difficulty out of the game, but this is pretty much the best Blaster Master game since the original.

Soulcalibur V
I keep trying to get into this and putting it down. I haven't played SC in so long that I feel like I forgot how, or maybe V just changed so much up.

I don't know why I play this as much as I do. The frequent updates don't hurt. I guess it's the highs of those really good matches. There's nothing like getting a really good team and obliterating your enemies (or going up against a really good team and narrowly winning).

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Where do I even start? I had it at launched and played it obsessively for about a month. I put it down after beating it with every intention of picking it back up. There's still a lot of stuff I haven't seen and done. I'm waiting on that second DLC to jump back in.

Metroid: Samus Reutrns
Been waiting on a Metroid 2 remake since Zero Mission and now we finally have an official one. There's an overuse of the counter mechanic early in the game, not enough enemy variety, and the areas don't have the distinctive flavor that they do in most Metroid games, but this is still great entry for the series. I hope we see the free aim and counter in future 2D games. Now all I need to decide is if I'm going to start a new game in hard mode.
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