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Wii U will not play DVDs or Blu-ray, Iwata says (Blu-Ray Discs being used Confirmed??)
From Engadget
Quote:Wii U will not play DVDs or Blu-ray, Iwata says
Planning to replace that aging Blu-ray player with a Wii U? Not so fast. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says the gaming console won't play DVD or Blu-ray discs, due to patent licensing fees.

"Wii U does not have DVD or Blu-ray playback capabilities. The reason for that is that we feel that enough people already have devices that are capable of playing DVDs and Blu-ray, such that it didn't warrant the cost involved to build that functionality into the Wii U console because of the patents related to those technologies."

So there you have it. Iwata doesn't want to hand over a bag of cash for baby Blu's "bag of hurt." By the time the Wii U hits store shelves in 2012, we may be buying Blu-ray players just for their Netflix capabilities, so here's to hoping the console at least carries over that functionality from its predecessor.

Seriously someone needs to hit Nintendo upside the head, just pay the damn fees and add the damn movie playback support already...
[Image: harrison20ford.gif]

Who the hell wants another DVD player? There's one on almost every TV in the house - not counting the other consoles that already moonlight as movie players. Just give me the games. That's what I'm buying the damn thing for.
I don't care about DVD, but Blu-Ray would be nice.
Not everyone would use the damn feature but its nice if its there.
I rather have another DVD/Blu-Ray player then another stupid thing to login to FaceBook and Twitter with.
I'm planning on buying a Blu-Ray burner, so that should solve my Blu-Ray playing capabilities in my living room, but I still think it would have been nifty for the Wii U to at least play DVDs, or better yet, BluRays. A minor complaint, I'll admit.
98% of the use I give to my brand new Xbox360 Kinect is to watch DVD movies. Keep the system for games, and I'll be happy.
meh, homebrew people will hack it and add the capability, just like they did with the Wii and DVD playback. If you REALLY want it to happen, you'll be able to do it.

oh, and I'm back (avelanch), but i forgot my old password/it won't let me log on because i no longer have that address. I'm Ave now Tongue

it sucks that my work blocks this site, as I rarely go online outside of work hours.

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