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E3 2016 (June 13th-15th)
It's that time of year again, though this E3 is going to be a bit...strange. Several companies are opting to do their own thing this year, including Nintendo skipping a digital event and EA skipping the show floor entirely. Doesn't mean there won't be a lot of stuff to chronicle though.

June 12th - Early Birds

1/4PM EDT - EA conference
7/10PM EDT - Bethesda conference

June 13th - Conference day

9:30/12:30PM EDT - Microsoft Conference
11:30/2:30PM EDT - PC Gaming Show
1/4PM EDT - Ubisoft Conference
5:30/8:30 EDT - Sony conference

June 14th - E3 Begins

9/12PM EDT - Nintendo's Treehouse Live
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Can't wait. I hope Nintendo has some cool goodies to show us.
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Sony had the best conference, but Zelda stole the show. It's hard watching videos of that game because I keep wanting to take the controller and have Link explore another area - and that's just the starting section!

That FF15 demo at the Microsoft conference was baaaad...I don't know what Square Enix was thinking. That's the first time I've really been turned off on that game. Looks like it's completely lacking polish and fun.
[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]
Honestly both MS and Sony were pretty lack lust.. maybe it's because I'm not big on any of the Sony franchises, but all their big game announcements were meh to me. Didn't care about Crash or GoW or Last Guardian. I just haven't been bit by the VR bug yet, so it wasn't a big deal and even if I finally get excited about VR after the announcement of Xbox Scorpio I have a feeling most (if not all) of what was Demoed with PS:VR will be coming to the Xbox.

MS had a couple things that got me excited, Scorpio for one, I can't wait to hear more. thou that announcement kind of took all the wind out of the Xbox S's sails. 
As a PC/Xbox gamer the Xbox Play Anywhere news was a big deal and great news. 
MineCraft news is always nice to me and the cross play is great news!
ReCore and Tekken 7 looks great! Dead Rising 4... meh, kind of excited, but then again I never finished 3 soooo...

I was excited to see South Park: The Fractured But Hole, loved Stick of Truth.

Can't wait for New Mass Effect: Andromeda!

Nintendo in my mind won, sure they only had a few announcements, but each one was amazing!
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was... WOW! Can't wait might even buy a NX just for it.Breath of the Wild Amiibo's look great, so do the other Mario ones.
Pokemon Sun and Moon looks great and I already have my Pokemon Go Plus pre-ordered.
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