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  Soul of a Smasher Vol. II: Nocturne of Samus
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 02-17-2013, 04:16 AM - Forum: Claude's House of Pain! - Replies (5)

Soul of a Smasher Vol. II: Nocturne of Samus
By ClaudeLv250
Introduction: I’ve been mulling over this saga for a while before fleshing it out. I always wanted to try writing a SSB story from a different angle and continuity than my main SSB series, Kirby’s Insane Journey. From the corners of my imagination came Soul of a Smasher, a slightly darker, more serious story.
Summary: This is the second story of the series, following Minuet of Link. While Link’s story isn’t over, it’s time to introduce another major character. Samus Crowe is a cop in Centropolis with the feeling that she was destined for greater things, but she had no idea how true that was when the Smash Brotherhood shows up amidst stirred up memories of her past life as galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. It is time to reawaken the Chozo’s chosen one.
If you are new to the saga, I suggest reading Volume I: Minuet of Link. Things will make A LOT more sense that way.
Disclaimer: Samus, Super Smash Bros. and all related characters and properties belong to Nintendo and are used without permission. Sonic the Hedgehog is property of Sega. Don’t sue me, I just like to write! All original characters and material are my creations. If I borrow something from other authors, I’ll note it in the chapter.
Prologue – Dark Spaces
It began with a distress signal.
It always begins with a distress signal.
The distinct orange hull of Samus Aran’s gunship gleamed under the distant star as it approached the drifting wreckage of a frigate. Three prongs of different length formed one end of the vessel, while the other end was flat and cylindrical, giving it a unique design completely unfamiliar to the bounty huntress.
Samus guided her ship to a graceful landing upon the external deck. She rode the elevator mechanism as it extruded from the gunship’s bottom, with one thought thoroughly implanted in the back of her mind as she approached the frigate’s entrance: derelict ships often carried dark secrets within their ruined confines. She was quite familiar with that.
The blue light emitting from the door’s inner frame died out as if welcoming her as she approached, and the five metal panels composing it slid into the walls. The hunter cautiously stepped into the nondescript room as the door closed behind her. The airlock was working; that was a good sign of survivors.
A poorly lit, split hallway greeted Samus on the other side of the airlock’s door. She hazarded a guess and took the left path. The cacophonic moan of shifting metal permeated throughout the vessel’s haunting atmosphere; there was no telling what was left intact after the cataclysm that befell the ship and its crew.
Missile fire destroyed the debris blocking the doorway and Samus entered what resembled a bridge deck, devoid of life and scarcely lit by the emergency lights scattered about. Four rows of computers lined the command center. A quick glance about told her that she would be wasting her time if she was looking for the living here.
With her curiosity piqued, Samus decided to check the computers for clues. Most had been damaged beyond repair, but a computer at the end of a station flickered with power when prompted. Her visor scanned and interacted with the files that were on the uncorrupted partitions of the hard disk, and skimmed logs detailing the crew’s acquisition and sale of black market weapons. With her scanner, she pried further and opened the last security footage ever taken aboard the ship.
Short, white-skinned beings with long skulls scuttled onto the deck before being mowed down by a unit of elite pirates. Samus recognized the aliens as the elusive Krintorians, and she easily put together the events preceding the video: the Krintorians tried to sell weapons to the Space Pirates and, living up to their name, the pirates simply stormed the ship and took the weapons for themselves.
“Never make deals with Space Pirates,” she warned them posthumously.
Samus continued to watch the footage in silence as the Space Pirates retrieved the bodies of their victims for reasons she cared not to ponder on. Her eyes flickered upon the recording date nestled within the corner of the video. It was obviously set to the Krintorian calendar and with a simple protocol, was translated to Standard Galactic Time. The gaze behind her visor widened in realization.
“This wreckage has been here for years...”
The screech of metal emanated from the bowels of the ship once more. A red haze filled the room as an intense beam of heat ripped through the metal flooring and sliced through the equipment with minimal effort. Samus dove to the side as the beam tore its way towards her, and found her footing slip away as the floor collapsed beneath her.
Samus dropped into a large hallway and hit the floor in a kneeling pose. She held her position, using her heightened senses to detect her enemy. The walls around her took on the glow of flames; looking back, Samus saw a massive fireball engulf the end of the hallway and shoot in her direction.
Hurdling fallen debris, the bounty huntress ran with the added speed of her suit’s Speed Booster module. With a leap forward, she plowed through wreckage blocking the hall’s exit and slid into the hub of the ship’s long-deserted living quarters. Samus rolled aside as the fireball erupted through the doorway.
A flaming figure was jettisoned from the center of the blast and rolled to a crumpling halt near the center of the room. Samus’s instincts warned her of approaching the burning mound, and were ultimately right. The mound unfurled and stood straight up. Under the low light, Samus could discern the curves of a woman, and an unnatural sheen to her skin. Trailing linens adorned her body in tantalizing places, the fabric flawless even after exposure to flames.
She started towards the bounty huntress, placing one bare foot ahead of the other in a slow, deliberate stride. The room was filled with her presence, an otherworldly atmosphere about her...perhaps even demonic.
Through all the spacefaring, I’ve never met anything quite like this...
“Hello, Miss Aran,” she greeted through the shawl around her face, her voice cold and biting. “Your reputation certainly precedes you. The tales of your exploits are so miraculous that you are considered a cosmic fable amongst the grunts of the galaxy.” The woman stopped in her tracks as Samus’s arm cannon found its aim placed upon her. “Did I say something wrong?”
“You’re not saying much of anything for someone that just emerged from a fireball in a derelict ship,” Samus replied.
“Where are my manners? I’m Avira, and it is Father’s wishes that I undo you.”
“Get in line,” Samus remarked flippantly. “I am the enemy of entire races. Neither you nor your father are a special case.”
“Ah, but we are. You must be eliminated not because of what you have done, but what you can potentially do. And who am I to disobey Father’s wishes? It would be an honor to reduce the legendary Samus Aran to ashes.”
Any more talking was a commodity Samus could not afford now that she was deeply ensnared within the trap laid by her mysterious adversary. She had escaped from tighter scrapes than this, but if it was a fight Avira wanted, it was one she would get in spades.
Avira held up her right arm, revealing a golden bracelet tightly hugging her wrist. The bracelet erupted in flames, expanding into a ring of fire large enough for the woman to grip in her free hand. She tossed it like a burning chakram slicing through the veil of night.
Samus leapt aside as the ring of fire whirled toward her at startling speeds. She fired three shots of the power beam into Avira’s stomach, watching each one ricochet in futility before she landed on her feet.
The chakram of fire embedded into the wall before exploding, pelting Samus with flaming shrapnel. Avira used the distraction to close the distance and grabbed Samus, hoisting her into the air with one arm and tossing her like a ragdoll into the opposite wall.
“I don’t need a suit for my feats of strength,” Avira jeered, refusing even a glance upon the fallen huntress. “Mortals are so easily outclassed, even with their toys.”
“I have a remedy for pyromaniacs,” Samus murmured as she picked herself up. The tip of her arm cannon flared up with an icy blue globe of energy; a thin layer of frost slithered its way along the length.
A subzero burst from the fully charged Ice Beam engulfed Avira’s legs, cementing her to the floor. Samus quickly followed up with an impressive somersault through the air, her body crackling with the whirling, coarse energy of the Screw Attack module. She came down upon the demon woman, her spinning body drilling Avira into the ground until the flooring gave out and they plummeted into the chamber below.
Samus launched a grapple beam, using the tethering wire to grip a catwalk. Avira slammed against the metal of the large but long defunct generator meant to power that quadrant of the vessel. She bounced hard off of the surface but landed on her feet with the grace of a wildcat, and had already summoned several more chakrams.
Samus evacuated the catwalk with a quick leap before the barrage of fiery chakrams reduced it to metal shavings. She twisted her body, evading more chakrams before using her aerial momentum to land a dropkick into Avira’s face. Her opponent was reeling, and she chanced the opportunity by firing a missile that launched Avira through the metal plating of the large generator.
No more than a few seconds had passed before a crude spear of flames soared out of the hole and punctured the right shoulder of the power suit. The spear exploded, blowing apart one of the spherical shoulder guards that were characteristic of Samus’s appearance. She knelt in pain, feeling the exposed circuitry and inner shell of the armor.
The suits internal systems shrieked in alarm and her visor bombarded her with information at a frantic pace; her energy tanks had been depleted by over a third from that damage. If Avira was holding back and that was only a fraction of her power, Samus knew she had to end the fight as soon as possible.
Avira climbed out of the hole in the generator. “Bitch,” she snarled through her sharp teeth, the shawl around her face obliterated from the missile. The thin, pointed face of a woman looked upon Samus with scorn through the reptilian slits of her bright amber eyes over high cheek bones. Samus understood the oddity of Avira’s appearance in the low light; her skin was covered in olive colored scales, which also explained her resilience.
“I was going to incinerate you and be done with it, but now you deserve whatever torture I settle on. Father never said you had to die quickly.” She opened her hands and unleashed a jet stream of flames upon Samus. Even the protective power of the Varia suit faltered under the intense barrage of heat.
Activating the Morph Ball, Samus curled her body into a sphere and rolled between Avira’s legs with a burst of speed, leaving a small bomb behind before unfurling. Avira leapt through the bomb’s blast and extended ebony claws from her hands, raking them through Samus’s chest piece with little effort. The huntress stumbled back, pivoted on one foot and slammed Avira’s face with a wheel kick.
Avira held her hands parallel to one another, summoning a spear of fire energy in her grip. She made a quick jab, scraping Samus’s abdomen and piercing the skin below the armor. A burning pain spread outward from the wound; Samus felt as if liquid fire had entered her bloodstream. She fought off the pain and hooked her left arm under Avira’s, grabbing the woman by her neck. Samus lifted her into the air and slammed her into the ground; the spear escaped Avira’s grasp and its volatile energy erupted once it touched the floor. The resulting blast blew the combatants away.
“That was a good spear!” Avira’s face was scorched but she did not seem too much worse for wear. “This is taking too long,” she declared with a frustrated sigh. “Unlike some of my siblings, I’m smart enough to always have a backup plan.”
She snapped her fingers.
“EMERGENCY!” a monotonous voice blared throughout the ship. “SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.”
Avira’s lipless mouth curled into a grin. “Are you shocked? You should be used to this turn of events; things have a tendency to self-destruct around you.”
“The fact that I’m here now should have been your first hint that this trick never works,” Samus remarked.
Avira pulled hard at an invisible wire; a glowing whip of pure heat energy ensnared Samus at her feet before coiling up the rest of her body. The bounty huntress toppled over as she struggled with the constricting binds. Her adversary crouched and watched with a fascinated intensity, though she kept her distance.
“I’m shocked that you’re sticking around to the bitter end,” Samus said, fighting the whip. The heat seared against the suit and threatened to eat through it with prolonged exposure.
“I’ll stay as long as I need to,” Avira told her with a fixated gaze. “It’s efficiency and curiosity. I want to know if you’ll succumb first to strangulation by the Salamander’s Tongue or vaporization from the ship.”
The metal of the suit cracked and popped under pressure, and its systems warned Samus of the constant damage it suffered. It gripped the contours of her armor relentlessly, a fact that gave her an idea. It was risky, and she had maybe a second at most to pull it off, but it was her only chance.
Her arm cannon whirred to life, once again encrusted in frost. Avira chuckled; the cannon was in no position to aim where it counted.
In a flash of light, Samus deactivated the Power Suit, revealing the lithe body of the blonde woman inside of it. Samus pushed back against the metal floor, sliding out of the bonds and to her freedom. The searing whip grazed her blue Zero Suit as she escaped, but tangled uselessly in her absence.
She reactivated the Power Suit, her arm cannon still fully charged. Avira was slammed by the full power of the Ice Spreader, carrying her body through the air and imprisoning her against the wall where a thick sheet of ice grew on impact.
Samus gave her opponent a mock-salute before running the perimeter of the circular room to build speed. With the Speed Booster, she shot through the air and back into the residential area. Keeping the momentum, Samus ran back the way she came and leapt through the ruined bridge where Avira first initiated the encounter. The innards of the ship contorted noisily in spite of its impending demise...or perhaps because of it.
Escaping the airlock, Samus dashed for her ship. The autopilot kicked in just as she entered, pulling her away to safety before she could even reach the console. She strapped herself in as the Krintorian’s vessel began a series of spectacular explosions in the distance. Whoever decided a self-destruct feature should be mandatory for ships had inadvertently made her life hell more than once.
Samus deactivated her suit; thankfully, it was not beyond repair. She rubbed the side where the burning spear cut through her armor and pierced her skin. There was a dull, burning pain shooting through her body from the wound. She dressed it with antibiotics and a transparent, blue medical gel that sealed it shut.
Leaning back into her cockpit’s chair, Samus pushed the cavalcade of thoughts to the back corners of her mind. She would not worry about the odd appearance and origins of Avira, or the fact that she narrowly escaped yet another derelict ship that was a deathtrap in disguise. Now was a time of rest, and her closing eyes embraced the warm and comforting darkness of a rest well-deserved.
I’ve seen this time and time again, haven’t I? Rest for the weary. The same story.
...Who is this?
“Samus, wake up.”
I recognize the voice...that’s right, I understand now. I’ve been in this dream once before. And many like it. This is not real, no matter how visceral every moment, every feeling is.
“Oh, it’s very real. And I’ll open the door to truth, if that is what you seek.”

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Posted by: Nikovich - 02-17-2013, 01:58 AM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (3)

So some of you know my company has been working on its own game for quite some time now. We're finally setting a release date and I think that we might actually hit it. We're looking at an Apple/Android date of around March 7th and considering the amount of time we put in on this, whatever other distribution we can get it on, such as Steam, PS Network, XBLA, etc. Anyway, here's a trailer.

Edit: Someone decided to reupload the video so the link has changed. Fixed now.


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Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 02-12-2013, 05:58 PM - Forum: R-Bot VS (iPad) - Replies (4)

How do you discontinue an iOS game?

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  A game about garbage
Posted by: Nikovich - 02-01-2013, 11:22 PM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (1)

So it's not the game our company has been working on for years, but a game I was working on for a client finally was released on the app store. If you have an i-device, you can download it for free.

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Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 01-02-2013, 11:50 PM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (2)

Do you like Zelda? Do you like 2D overhead Zelda?

ZeldaClassic was brought to my attention by Onslaught a few years ago. It's a project that started off as a faithful recreation of the original Legend of Zelda that could be played on PC, but it evolved into what you can call a Zelda-maker; basically, think RPG maker but for Zelda. You can make your own quests complete with scripting and custom tiles, or you can play quests others have made. There's a tight community that's revolved around this program for years so there's plenty of assets and fangames to try.

ZC got back on my radar due to the new release of version 2.50, and I've finally given it the whirl I should have back when I first heard of it. I have no intention of making my own quest but I am taking a few custom quests for a spin and I like what I've played. A couple of quests worth looking into:

Quote:The Hero of Dreams, my first quest on Zelda Classic. I have been working on the game since January 2004. This epic quest is filled with so many things to do. I put a lot of side quests in the quest so it can have a feel to most Zelda games. The storyline fits into the major storyline and I do try to connect them all together. I spent a lot of time on the storyline and I hope you like it. This is what you can expect from the quest:

-Travel through huge Forests, islands, caves, deserts, graveyards, mountains, towns, as well as Dreams.
-Come face to face to some of the old Hero's of Hyrule.
-Meet different cultures and races of Hyrule.
-Fight some original custom bosses like Wolfblin and King Dodongo.
-Play some great mini games like bow and arrow target practice and rafting.
-See some original puzzles never seen in ZC.
-Huge Dungeons with different themes.
-and More!

Quote:Over 2 years in the making, this ambitious duo quest by DarkFlameWolf and Peteo has finally been completed. Lost Isle takes you on a journey to a deserted island where the formal inhabitants have suffered a catastrophic event and all that remains is the dead and the decaying. A sinister story unfolds the further you explore the island and evil secrets are revealed as you get closer and closer to the true evil that is conspiring against you. You will travel through ghost towns, graveyards, swamps, forests, volcanos, wastelands and canyons in your search for answers and a way off this haunted island. With one gigantic world to explore, five huge dungeons, an entire island-wide cave system, many misc. dungeons to explore, optional triforce pieces, hidden secrets and lurking ghosts; this adventure will test your very limits as an explorer. Only the true intrepid players will see the quest through and claim the much -deserved ending.

Quote:Stranded is a large ZC 2.50 quest which uses the basic tileset available with ZC 2.50 as well as this version's new items, enemies and possibilities. I recommend using the RC4 release to play it (it hasn't been tested on earlier releases).

* A long journey consisting of a minimum of 20+ hours of gameplay
* 20+ dungeons in total (not saying how many exactly to keep some element of surprise)
* 3 different overworld areas * 30+ midis * 200+ text strings
* Custom enemies
* Challenging but not frustratingly hard difficulty
* A balanced mix of fighting and puzzle solving
* Many secrets to unravel

And my personal spotlight:

I've put about an a hour or two into Souls of Wisdom and I'm really enjoying it. It's promised to be massive both in its overworlds and the amount of dungeons. There's adecent mix of new and old in here too. The game is a reimagining of the very first Zelda, making more direct connections to the games that have come after it (or before it in the timeline). What I do like so far is that the game gives you a decent chunk of the overworld to explore. I've gotten the boomerang from the first dungeon and that opened up even more areas, not to mention that you have access to the Dark World almost immediately. Looks like it might be living up to its promises of scope and content (about 20+ hours worth, it says), and there's even a sequel already in the works.

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  Christmas loot 2012
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 12-27-2012, 04:44 PM - Forum: Niko's Pow-Wow - Replies (3)

You know the drill.

- Sin & Punishment 2
- Xenoblade Chronicles
- The Last Story
- Ravens slippers
- NES pad belt buckle
- A black hoodie
- Grooming kit
- Food & candy
- Darksiders (from onslaught)
- E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy (from steamgifts)

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  Mega Man 25th Anniversary
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 12-08-2012, 07:05 PM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (6)

We'll celebrate it. Because Capcom won't!

I'm going to do a playthrough of the classic series (and probably X too). Anyone else?

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  Hurricane Fuckface
Posted by: Nikovich - 11-04-2012, 05:12 PM - Forum: Niko's Pow-Wow - Replies (2)

Quick update.

Sunday: I swung by the office around 11:50 pm to pick up the mac-mini so I could work from home on Monday in anticipation of the hurricane. Worked most of that night into the early morning in case of future power outages.
Monday: Power started getting real spotty around 6, started losing what I was working on so I gave it a rest. Power went off about an hour later.
Tuesday: Roads weren't as bad, tried calling in to see if the office had power; it didn't. Spent most of the day transferring the more expensive perishables to the freezer downstairs. Neighbor let us have some amps from his generator to keep the freezer running a few hours each day.
Wednesday: Relatively nice outside, still no power at home or office. Spent most of the day picking up tree branches and other shit that fell.
Thursday: Wake up to hear my dad is in the hospital and my brother has backed out into my car that I just signed the papers to start financing a week ago. He was going in for a stomach ultrasound and freaked out about being short of breath, so they did an emergency angioplasty but he's fine. I take a nap. On the way to the car to visit my dad in the hospital, I somehow repeat the same spine injury I had back in 2008 when I couldn't walk for over a week. I end up hobbling to ER to get a shot in my spine. I'm prescribed naproxen, hydrocodone, and diazepam, just like Solid Snake.
Friday: I spend the majority of the day in and out of painkiller-induced consciousness. My dog steps on my junk.
Saturday: I get tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches and offer to take my family to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace. I have a tasty burger with queso on it and spend quite a bit of money.
Sunday: Starting to prepare for the arrival of the generator we ordered way too late, which we expect to come on monday. Around 3:30, the power and cable comes back for pretty much the entirety of NJ using Rotten Electric. I still can't touch my knees.

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  Disney buys Lucasfilm; Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 10-30-2012, 05:56 PM - Forum: The Theater - Replies (1)

Disney buying getting more aggressive.


[QUOTE]Disney has just confirmed that it has agreed to acquire George Lucas

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Posted by: Nikovich - 10-28-2012, 03:18 AM - Forum: Niko's Pow-Wow - Replies (4)

It took me 6 years of costuming before I finally did it.
There are better pictures from the party, I just have this shitty one from home right now.

[spoiler][Image: hallow12.jpg][/spoiler]

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