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  Super Smash Bros u & Super Smash Bros 3DS Info
Posted by: Cap - 06-13-2011, 01:59 AM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (3)

[B]Iwata and Sakurai talk Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

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  Soul of a Smasher Vol. I: Minuet of Link
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 06-12-2011, 02:55 AM - Forum: Claude's House of Pain! - Replies (27)

Since meda got wiped again, that means all my old writings did too. Since I'm still actively writing this, it's time to get it back on track! NOTE: For those that already read it while I was posting it before the wipe, the first new chapter posted is Chapter 13.

Soul of a Smasher: Minuet of Link
By ClaudeLv250

Introduction: I’ve been mulling over this story for a while before fleshing it out. I always wanted to try writing a SSB story from a different angle and continuity than my main SSB series, Kirby’s Insane Journey. From the corners of my imagination came Soul of a Smasher, a slightly darker, more serious story.

Summary: This is the first story of the series. This one in particular will focus on Link. After a particular tragedy, Link learns firsthand that the body can be harmed but the soul can never be destroyed. Living a new life, Link has mystifying visions of his past in Hyrule and the ones he left behind. With the help of Lucario and a scant few Smash Brothers, he will awaken to the hero he once was and ascend beyond that for the ensuing war. (I have a better summary in my profile, but it’s spoilery.)

Disclaimer: Link, Super Smash Bros. and all related characters and properties belong to Nintendo and are used without permission. Don’t sue me, I just like to write! All original characters and material are my creations. If I borrow something from other authors, I’ll note it in the chapter.

Prologue - Dark Tides

It struck without warning, and soon the town was engulfed in flames. A wispy creature of darkness cut down guards in swaths, only turning on the fleeing populace at random. In one of its pale, bony hands was a ragged blade; its jovial wrath was indiscriminate as it hacked away at everything. Bodies littered the streets. Blood enveloped the cobblestones.

A single arrow passed through the floating figure, leaving no damage but incurring the demon’s interest. It was the first attack ‘landed’ on it, and it wanted to congratulate the aggressor with its undivided attention.

Link strapped the bow onto the back of his green tunic and beneath his shield. He tightened his grip on Epona’s saddle as his steed turned in the opposite direction. The wraith-like demon floated higher above the embers with a newfound enthusiasm; the sight of him excited it. Link could only furrow his brows at this behavior.

...Did it recognize him?

Epona shot through the gates and out of the Castle Town towards the Eldin province. The demon gave chase without hesitation, its movement accompanied by the constant, agonized scream of a dying older man. Link shuddered as the wraith’s scream drew closer.

The field opened up, giving Link leverage – or that was his intention. The demon caught up before he could take advantage of the situation, and he raised his shield a second before a stained blade burrowed into it. He could see every jagged tooth of the dirtied sword, the unnaturally long fingers tightening around its grip, the translucent, tattered cloak-like body it extended from, and a white, vein-laden face with empty eye sockets bearing a grin filled to the brim with razor teeth, two and three inches long each. And the smell...it could only be described as rancid.

“Will you die today, Link?” it hissed, its mouth unmoving.

Link responded with a swipe of the Master Sword. The demon receded only to return with another attack, which was once again deflected by the hero. This time he made a quick jab with the mythical blade. Though it passed through the wraith’s body, the sword gleamed with searing light for a fraction of a second.

With a surprised wail, the demon was repelled, and Link’s heart pumped with newborn courage knowing that the monster was indeed susceptible to attacks. But this revelation only served to infuriate the demon, and it was upon him with a flurry of strikes. As Link stopped the sword with his shield once again, his eyes widened in surprise as black fog materialized a second sword in the demon’s other hand. It swiped at an upward arc and blood spewed into the air.

Epona collapsed into the mud, her fur and white mane stained in red and brown. Link rolled into a kneeling position and examined her from there. The wound was serious, but not fatal. Regardless, it was enough to put him over the edge.

Link growled and went on the offensive, unleashing a series of slashes and jabs. The demon deflected the attacks with both swords, though a few precise strikes connected. It learned to live with the pain from the Master Sword, but each strike that landed was taking its toll.

The wraith swooped into the air and pointed at Link. From the tip of its bony finger erupted a black bolt of lightning that ensnared the Hylian Shield. The electrical current passed to Link, and he tossed the shield away in desperation. It still coursed with lightning from the demon’s spell. A second bolt was launched at the Master Sword but was cancelled out by the blade’s own latent powers.

The demon descended upon Link again, and with only a sword for defense, wounds began to gather, as he was unable to parry every attack. The demon crossed its swords and locked them into an X shape around the guard of the Master Sword, lifting it out of Link’s grip and tossing it behind him. Another lightning bolt was launched, this time at point blank range.

The currents racked Link’s body with pain, then he began to feel numbness creep over him; his limbs refused to do as told, and it was a few seconds before it registered that the demon’s blade was embedded in his stomach. The demon closed in, its horrific face inches away from Link’s. At last, its mouth opened wide for a deep, triumphant chortle.

Link mustered enough control to shove a bomb into the demon’s mouth. It backed off just as its head exploded, the force of the blast knocking Link off of his feet. He did not wait for the smoke to clear, and popped the cork from a glass bottle. The released fairy immediately came to his aid, sprinkling a healing dust onto his wounds, but a shrill cry signaled her demise. A black bolt disintegrated the fairy as the wraith proudly emerged from the cloud.

“Why harbor such anguish?” the demon inquired, studying Link’s reaction. “She is neither first nor last to feel death’s inviting embrace from Kneph!”

Kneph, the demon, lunged forward and buried his sword into Link once again. It brought its face to Link’s, gleefully watching the life seep out of him.

“What a fruitless effort, boy,” the wraith hissed, cupping Link’s face with one pungent hand. “What could you possibly hope to accomplish with that bomb, hm?”

Link reached into the grass behind him, gripping the Master Sword. He responded to the taunt by shoving the blade into Kneph’s face. An ear-splitting screech ripped though the Eldin province. The sickening screams continued as Kneph rose into the air in retreat. The Master Sword fell back to the earth as the wraith disappeared into the clouds above.

“It wasn’t fruitless after all,” Link whispered. The demon’s sword had disappeared when it fled, but the damage had already been done. He could feel his life slowly slipping away, and curiously enough, his senses became more acute of the nature that surrounded him. The sky was more vibrant than ever, the trees rustling in the wind calmed him, and the scent of the grass made him nostalgic. For that moment, he felt that death was not the punishment for failure in life, but a well-deserved rest for the weary.

“I’m sorry it ended like this...Epona...”

Epona released a sorrowful whinny in reply.

With the cool breeze and the blue sky as his guide, Link, hero of Hyrule, passed away.

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  Tales of Frue Destruction
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 06-05-2011, 01:33 AM - Forum: Claude's House of Pain! - Replies (1)

Repost, and also testing the waters.

Disclaimer: Lufia and all related materials is copyright Taito/Square Enix.

I always wanted to write something for Lufia. I was thinking of a full blown parody but I don't have the time or inspiration for that right now. However, this little nugget came to me overnight. There are many reasons why Gades should be retitled the Sinistral of Unintentional Hilarity. This is one of them.

[SIZE="5"]Tales of Frue Destruction[/SIZE]

The small class of fifteen settled in for the morning as the children took seats behind wooden desks. All chattering ceased when their teacher, Ms. Woodley, entered the class with a surprisingly light load of classwork nestled between her arm and chest.

"Good morning, class!" she began cheerily, setting the folders along her own desk.

"Good morning, Ms. Woodley!" the class responded in unison. Their teacher smiled at the chorus.

"Today is a special day. I felt that we should take a break from learning about the geography of the Alekia region to discuss it." Her smile broadened and she adjusted her glasses beneath her unruly brown hair as she asked, "what do any of you know about the Sinistrals?"

"Oh, me! Pick me!" a red-haired boy squealed from his seat near the front of the class. He waved his arm about excitedly.

"Go ahead, Andy."

"They're dead!" he proudly announced as if he revealed a secret no one in Estpolis knew. His freckled face beamed at this accomplishment.

"That's correct, but do any of you know why?"

Andy's hand shot into the air once again, but this time he had been beaten to the punch.

"Go on, Suzy."

"The Sinistrals were destroyed in the third Doom Island War, which was nearly one hundred years ago."

Ms. Woodley clapped. "My, Suzy! You're absolutely correct!"

Suzy turned to Andy, tilted her head and gave him an obnoxious grin. The boy folded his arms and stuck his tongue out at her in return. She turned back around, swinging her blonde hair and blocking him from her sight.

"But you're wrong on one point." Andy took the opportunity snickered under Ms. Woodley's correction. "It's been exactly one hundred years as of today since the Sinistrals were last destroyed."

There was a scream from the back of the classroom. "That means they're coming back!"

"Shirley, no!" Ms. Woodley slammed the desk to get the classes attention, realizing that they were becoming frightened at the prospect. "There is nothing that says they have to come back right now. In fact, some people don't even think they were ever real!" She didn't actually believe that, but she'd say anything to keep the class under control. "And if they is real, the bloodline of Maxim would deal with them."

The class settled down. Everyone knew the tales about Maxim and his bloodline, as well as all three Doom Island Wars. Having a day of class dedicated to them was far more interesting than what they had been learning.

Ms. Woodley grabbed the apple sitting atop her desk and absently twisted it in her palm. She skimmed over the material with pictures of Doom Island and the Sinistrals. She didn't actually need it, but she would feel silly coming to class without any material.

"Now class, can you name the Sinistral of Destru-"

Ms. Woodley only had enough time to turn around and witness the melting chalkboard for herself. The ensuing explosion threw her against a wall, leaving a smoking hole where the board had once been. A man no less than eight feet tall stepped through the hole. The sunlight creeping through the now ruined wall gave the blue armor covering nearly every inch of his massive body an ominous gleam. Underneath his fiery red mane was the face of an ancient being with a raw, undying, irrational hatred of man. Upon the sight of the school children, his face curled into a sneer.

"Inferior beings, RUN! I am Gades, Sinistral of Destruction."

Andy's hand went back into the air. When he wasn't getting the attention he saught, his arm began to wave frantically. He mistook the sinistral's bewildered gaze as indifference and began swinging his arm around like a windmill.

"You. Boy with spots on face. Why do you do that?"

"You're supposed to call on us when we do that."

"I do no such thing! Keep your arms down or I DESTRUCT them!"

The boy quickly pointed to the crumpled form of their teacher in the corner. "But you killed Ms. Woodley so you're the new teacher!"

"FOOL! Do you not understand? I am the Sinistral of Destruction. I only teach DESTRUCTION!" Gades balled his fist and put it in clear view of the child.

Little Suzy was not impressed. "If you're the Sinistral of Destruction, why don't you prove it?" she asked in a sickeningly antognizing manner.

Gades wore a haughty smile. "You know not what you ask. I crush you like glass cockroach under mountain avalanche!"


"Yes, I do!" Gades growled.

"I don't think so."


Suzy fold her arms and shook her head. "Nope!"

"Silence the mouth!" Gades screamed. The children squeaked at the display of his wrath. The sinistral realized that he had no reason to argue; only a fraction of his power was needed to turn this obnoxious brat into dust and send the message to the rest of class. He pointed his palm at snooty little Suzy, only to discover the horrible truth.

He had no power left.

This resurrection, like the few before it, left him weakened. He would only regain his power with time. His thirst for destruction led him to be hasty, and he most likely used what little he had to burst through the wall. It was simply too soon.

"Told you so!" Suzy announced with a laugh. "You're not a sinistral! Maxim's descendant isn't even here to beat you up!" The other kids joined in, pointing and laughing at him.

"NO!" Gades shrieked. Never had he had the experience of being the laughing stock of children. Upon accepting reality, the sinistral's resolve changed. He may not have been able to reduce these children to dust, but he could reduce them to tears.

Gades regained his composure and that haughty smile returned. These people worshipped Maxim's bloodline? He would inform them that even the hero and his descendants had come to fear the Sinistral of Destruction.

"Long ago I ruin your precious Maxim. He was powerless. I destroy many towns and he did nothing. The red-headed ant, his annoying wife, blonde man with generic name, and strange elf man in bunny outfit cowered before me! They, unlike insolent brats in classroom, understood true power. They understood my power to make them DESTRUCT!"

Suzy yawned. "What a crock! If you were the REAL Gades you would know that Maxim killed you first before he killed the other Sinistrals. And I'm pretty sure you're using 'destruct' the wrong way!"

"Puny, pretentious worm! I AM EVIL!" Gades screamed, throwing the girl's desk across the room. She flinched, mostly from the downpour of saliva she was subjected to. "I have no use for your silly grammar! Now, where is your precious Maxim!? DEAD! DESTRUCTED! And I am here, to continue mission of destruction! I cannot be stopped. Ha ha ha ha!"

Andy wasted no time showing up Suzy. If she wasn't going to call him on his bluff, he would. "But you were defeated again. Of course, you would know this if you actually were Gades!"

Gades' laugh came to an abrupt end. They were only school children, how could they know so much about his humiliating defeats? There was no point in pretending that it hadn't happened. He didn't understand why, but there was something about having the full attention of an entire class of kids that made him feel the need to explain himself.

"You speak of descendant whose name I do not know. Puny knight easily fooled by confused Erim. Ha! Another failed effort! Ha ha! I return to life yet again!"

"No!" Suzy yelled, forcefully clasping Andy's mouth shut. "You were beaten again!"

Gades furrowed his brows. "It does not count. Idiot descendant of Maxim and...other Erim brought small army." The sinistral scratched his chin with his gauntlet as he pondered that. "Too many Erims to count. I deal with her later. Regardless, I teach last descendant the power of FRUE DESTRUCTION!!"

"'Frue?' Is that even a word?" Andy inquired, slack-jawed from his shock.

"You! Quieting the lips! Do not question frue destruction. You will regret it."

"Mister sinistral man," Shirley's shakey voice called for Gades. Her hands quivered as she held up an open dictionary. "T-this is where 'frue' w-would be if it were...you know...a real word."

The sinistral went in for a closer look, inspecting the pages.

"Puny dictionary! I AM EVIL!" Gades bellowed, tearing the book in half with an audible rip. Shirley began to cry and the sinistral's face contorted into a hardened but satisfied grin. That was, until an apple was lobbed against his head.

Gades pointed at the culprit in surprise, and was nearly, but not completely, speechless. "You. Woman. You!" he hissed indignantly at the teacher.

"I can't believe it," Ms. Woodley whispered harshly, trapped beneath debris. "The Sinistral of Destruction - what a joke! You're so pathetic. It's really true what they said. Your one and only purpose in life is destruction. It's all you know how to do. Even when you have no power left, you devolve to trying to destroy the hopes and dreams of children!"

"Shut up the face, puny woman! I will-"

"ONE-TWO-THREE, ALL EYES ON ME!" Gades was silenced by the teacher's sudden display of power over the classroom with such a ridiculous chant. "Like I was saying, your only mark on this world is destruction. But it is the very nature of the universe to recover. Go ahead. Burn a few towns and murder innocent people. You will be defeated again and life will continue to go on. And when you return, if you do, everything you've done will be washed away. You have no place outside of a textbook in my classroom. You're ancient history!"

Gades was stunned. "...you. Woman. You!" was all he could utter again. No human had talked to him in such a manner and lived to tell about it. And worst of all, she was right. He would never admit it, but the Sinistrals were always thwarted and peace would always return to the land. He could not ignore the call of destruction - it was his true purpose in life - and yet whatever he did was always temporary at most. What was the point of destroying things if everyone carried on as if it never happened?

Upon this realization, Gades was naturally livid. And the only thing that would appease his hatred was destruction.

He walked over to Ms. Woodley and picked her up by the scruff of her collar. "I may be weakened now but I still DESTRUCT stupid woman's skull!"

A ball of flames erupted from Gades' back. He dropped Ms. Woodley, mostly out of surprise, with a deafening "Arrrrrgh!"

The sinistral turned around to find a red-haired swordsman accompanied by a blue-haired sorceress standing in the hole he previously made. He didn't know their personal identities, but he was well aware of their 'roles' in the grand scheme of things.

"How annoying," he muttered.

"Rime, hit him with a Flash spell!"

"You've got it!" The sorceress twirled her sapphire-tipped scepter and pointed it at Gades. A lightning bolt ripped through the air, striking the opposite wall where the sinistral had been. He appeared behind them, relieved that some of his powers returned, but still aggravated.

"You!" he pointed at the warrior. "I meet you in combat later. When time comes, I bestow on your face FRUE DESTRUCTION! And you!" he screamed, turning his wrath upon Rime. "Charade is old. How long do you keep this up? You will return to us eventually."

Gades teleported out of sight. The town, and class, had been spared a meeting with frue destruction. For now, at least. Cheers exploded from the class, but that was far from the focus of Gades' latest enemies.

"Rime, what was he talking about?"

"I have no idea, Lance." Her companion continued to scrutinize her appearance until she turned away. "Stop looking at me like that, pervert!"

"That's not what I was...oh, whatever! Anyways, Gades is gone, but he was...he's not at all what I imagined a sinistral to be."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's just that...you saw him! What a strange sinistral."

"Fruly," Rime replied.



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  Last Movie you watched (Not in theaters)
Posted by: Cap - 06-04-2011, 11:01 AM - Forum: The Theater - Replies (2)

No Strings Attached
Great movie. This is one of those rare Romantic Comedy that actually realizes that guys have to watch these things too. Fun movie to watch, and Natalie Portman rocks.

I Am Number 4
I didn't remember hearing a lot about this movie when it came out, I remember seeing the trailer a few times, but thats about it. So I was pretty surprised on how good it was. It was defiantly aimed at the more tween/teenage crowed. The fight scenes were cool, the characters were okay, and while the story wasn't amazingly good it did lay down a pretty good foundation for a trilogy. I hope they do go forward at some point and make a sequel cause they did a really good job building it up for one.

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  Youtube Thread
Posted by: Nikovich - 06-02-2011, 10:13 PM - Forum: Niko's Pow-Wow - Replies (5)

Starting this up again with a nice little Nerf battle.


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  What have you gone out to see in theaters?
Posted by: Cap - 06-01-2011, 12:47 PM - Forum: The Theater - Replies (8)

Last couple movies I've seen in theaters have been

- Sucker Punch
A Very under-rated movie. It's not just a pointless turn your brain off action flick like most people though it was, there are many layers to the film. It's very Alice in Wonderland-ish (thou more like version in Alice the VideoGame). When going to this film you need to be open and take it all in and even after the credits roll you'll still be digesting the film and the longer you think about it the more you'll appreciate it. The action sequence were amazing and the soundtrack was awesome.

- Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides
Not as great as the first film but much much better then the 2nd and 3rd (which I liked). If you like the Pirate movies then this is a great film to see, if not it won't change your mind since its pretty much just the continuing adventures of Jack Sparrow. I'm happy they made it so you could jump in if you didn't seen the 2nd and 3rd movies. I just hope they keep this up with the 5th and 6th too.

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  E3 2011
Posted by: ClaudeLv250 - 05-31-2011, 08:37 PM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (127)

REMAKE. The new E3 2011 thread with all the relevant information

Dates and times (PDT / EDT)
Microsoft - June 6th, 9:30AM / 12:30PM
Sony - June 6th, 5PM / 8PM
Nintendo June 7th, 9AM / 12PM

EA - June 6th, 12:30PM / 3:30PM
Ubisoft - June 6th, 2:30PM / 5:30PM

Konami is having a pre-show this thursday (June 2nd), and GTTV is having an E3 preview the same day.

[SIZE="4"]Live streams[/SIZE]
Nintendo's Stream
Gamespot Hub
IGN Hub (don't see any conference links yet)

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  Whatcha Been Playing?
Posted by: Cap - 05-31-2011, 11:19 AM - Forum: The Arcade - Replies (226)

Here is what I've been playing the last couple weeks.

- Alan Wake (360) - Finally getting around to playing this. I'm early in but so far its a really good survival horror.

- Sonic & SEGA Racing (360) - Great Mario Kart clone.

- Fallout 3 (PC) - Went on sale for $6 on GFW so I figured what the hell, time to see what all the fuse is about. It's a good game, but damn I wish their was multi-player, it get so boring walking alone for so long.

- Sly Cooper Collection (PS3) - Been wanting to play this since the PS2, finally getting around to it since I found it for $20. I'm about 15% done on the first game, not bad. I just hope it holds up with the next 2 sequels and doesn't go dark and emo like Jak.

- Rabbits in Time (Wii) - Meh... I wish they would go back to what the 2nd and 3rd were like, these are getting bad.

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  Slowly Recovering....
Posted by: CAM - 05-31-2011, 10:39 AM - Forum: Niko's Pow-Wow - Replies (27)

Okay I'm getting things slowly back up and running.
We suffered a pretty bad hit a couple weeks ago.
But fear not, unlike some other services out there, your information has not been stolen and your credit card information is perfectly safe.

So everyone knows Medaverse was not a hacked. Instead we got hit with a very bad power failure along with the infamous Seagate bad HD issue.

We are working hard on restoring our systems but it is sadly going to take some time, things need to get rebuilt from the ground up... Sad

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