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Full Version: Kirby's Insane Halloween II: The Cursed Word!
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[align=center][align=center][FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=5][B]Kirby
Chapter 2: I Never Cosplayed for My Father

Yoshi nodded off in the hallway, falling into a comfortable sleep complete with an obnoxious snoring. His slumber was eventually interrupted by a sudden flick to his nose.

[FONT=Verdana][B][I]Confession time: not long after posting chapter 2, some unfortunate events happened in real life that drained some of my time and a lot of my creativity, which is why it took so long to get this chapter finished and posted. But it seems I
Kirby may have dressed as a lawyer but now he's Alexander the Great.
[FONT=Verdana][B][I]Halloween has come and gone, and the same can be said about Thanksgiving, but that doesn
Clyde's costume.
Halloween in January? Sure, why not!

Chapter title should make the coming events pretty obvious.


Chapter 5: Zelda, Princess of Dark Things

“Guys! Guys!” Iris called out, leading the pack to Kirby, Claude and Clyde. “A ship ROSE out of the middle of the road and sailed down the street! With Captain Falcon on it!”

“We saw it,” Kirby said before cutting a worried look to Claude, who was not as thrilled as Iris about the situation.

“The only reason I brought you guys here was because I thought we could keep a low profile. So how the hell did Falcon get a magic pirate ship and why is he sailing around town in it? He’s even got kids on there with him!”

“Hey, we’re just as surprised as you are,” Fox said. “It’s not like we told him to do it.”

“Things got very strange right after you left,” Samus began to recall. “Falcon acted more bizarre than usual and summoned a ship from under the street. And he keeps calling himself Captain Captain Falcon.”

Kirby giggled at the thought. “Well it’s good to know that assuming the identity of a pirate captain didn’t make him any less of a doofus.”

Claude examined the street during the conversation, sliding his finger across the cement.

“The ground is wet. It’s like the street turned into water when the ship went by,” he figured. “Okay, this is really weird. Stuff like that don’t happen here. Tell me exactly what happened so we can figure this out.”

“We told you everything,” Zelda said. “I don’t think we’re leaving anything out.”

Everyone went into deep thought as they tried to figure out what changed Captain Falcon. Yoshi anxiously wrung his hands, which went unnoticed.

“You mates look like you could use a hand!” Clyde blurted suddenly. His new accent drew a few looks.

Claude patted his shoulder, “I told you that you didn’t have to talk like that.”

“Huh...” the kangaroo scratched the back of his head in confusion.

“Well at least your accent got better.”

“Let’s go over the things Captain Falcon did before he snapped,” Fox proposed. “There’s got to be a clue.”

“We went to a few homes...nothing out of the ordinary there,” Zelda recalled. “He begged for some candy corn and even said shadoink to do it, which is pretty desperate in and of itself.”

“You don’t think it was the candy do you?” Yoshi suggested with a shrug. His voice cracked, showing little confidence in what he said.

“Candy corn sucks,” Niko added. “I’d go crazy too if I had to eat that.”

“We all had some candy and none of us think we’re pirates,” Kirby said.

“But did you eat the candy corn?”


All eyes turned to Claude, and Kirby even did his best accusatory pointing.

“You said people put stuff in the candy sometimes!”

“That was a joke. Ain’t a thing on Earth that someone could put in candy corn that would make a ship pop out from under a street.”

“Why are you people in my presence?” Zelda suddenly asked, an evident shift in her tone. “The inferiority is practically dripping off of your bodies and could be contagious.”

The princess’s eyes were cold, and held a small level of contempt for the ones before her.

There were a few confused glances before Iris asked, “Did we say something to offend you?”

“If you’re going to stay here then you might as well bow to your new ruler.” She folded her arms in expectation and lifted her head so that she could look down upon them.

“Zelda, stop kidding around,” Kirby said with a nervous laugh. “Things are weird enough already.”

“Who are you to address me as such?” Zelda hissed in response, her eyes burning into the puffball. For the first time, he felt threatened by her presence.

“Crikey, Lady!” Clyde exclaimed. “Ya head’s on backwards!”

There was an insulted twitch in Zelda’s eye before a whirlwind erupted around her, sending everyone flying onto their backs where they got a clear view of the princess floating into the air.

“Marvel at my powers, insects. You will see a lot more of it when I take over the city.” She threw her head back for a deep, haughty laugh.


She flew over the stores and into the darkness of the night.

“What the hell was that about?” Fox growled, wiping the dirt and grass from his costume. Claude thought that was an exercise in redundancy.

A light bulb brightened for Samus, and she was completely on point as she deduced, “So Zelda’s evil and Falcon is a pirate....they must be turning into their costumes, and it’s not the candy that’s doing it.”

Claude had a strange suspicion which was solidified when he noticed Clyde was suddenly wearing a fedora to go with his new personality.

He didn’t even question it.

“The only thing they all did was say sha-”

“Don’t say it!” Yoshi screamed, waving his arms frantically.


“It’s cursed...maybe, but not definitely!” Yoshi’s fingers interlocked and he glanced about nervously.

Claude was still finding a curse hard to believe. “....Why would you think it’s cursed? Yoshi, this is Earth. Boring, normal Earth. We don’t have supernatural things...besides ghosts. And maybe UFOs. And the Bunny Man. The Bunny Man is definitely real ‘cause me and my brother saw him a couple of years ago, but that’s not so much supernatural as it is psycho serial killer in a bunny costume. But curses definitely don’t exist here.”

“It didn’t really come...from here...”

Fox became frustrated. “What’s with this cryptic BS? Just tell us or I’ll make you tell us.”

Yoshi squirmed under their glares and blurted out, “Madam Baker cursed the word!”

Samus sighed. “I’m not a fan of Madam Baker either but we can’t blame everything on her.”

“I saw her earlier today! She was in the castle town ripping people off. She didn’t like what I had to say, and I sorta used that word and...she threw a curse out there. I didn’t think it was real!”

Samus cracked her knuckles and said, “I should Falcon Punch you right in the ass.”

Yoshi backed away at the prospect that Samus had been learning Falcon-fu to go with her costume, but bumped right into Claude.

"Let me get this straight. You got up in some old lady's face for no reason-"

"I had a reason!" Yoshi defended himself.

"NO REASON, and used a word I made up to insult her?"

"She's a fraud! She had it coming! Besides, you said the word could mean anything, and that anyone could use it!"

"Just because it can mean anything don't mean you can do anything with it. Great power, great responsibility."

"That's bull. It's just a word."

"Yeah, and it's cursed now. Thanks."

A tense silence blanketed the group. Yoshi choked on his own guilt. Iris couldn’t stand watching a fun night turn into this.

“A curse that turns you into your costume, huh? We need to find a way to break it, that’s all,” she said, mulling over an idea.

“We lost our magic expert when Zelda crossed over to the dark side and went cackling into the night,” Kirby said, looking into the moonlit sky for any trace of the dark princess.

“That was kind of a masculine laugh to be a cackle,” Claude thought aloud.

“True. It should be easy to track her with a gorilla laugh like that.”

“Hey! Guys,” Samus intervened, “we can examine the intricacies of Zelda’s evil laughter later. How about focusing that wit on fixing this situation?

“Hm,” Iris bobbed her head left and right as she thought. She continued for a minute until she realized that she had drawn everyone’s attention.

“I...” she murmured, hesitating a bit. “I’ve got an idea, but it’s sorta risky. You’re not going to like it.”


Captain Falcon and Zelda are off creating chaos, and Clyde is acting weird. What idea could Iris possibly have to turn things in their favor?

Urban Legend History Moment: The Bunny Man is an axe murderer in a bunny costume that likes the stalk the Virginia and Maryland areas. He likes to murder kids, particularly under bridges. And I wasn’t making up the part about seeing a bunny man before!
I raided a store for some Easter candy over the weekend. Along with this chapter, I guess you can say I had a decent dose of Halloween in April.


Chapter 6: When You Wish Upon a Car

Fox didn
[B][I]So some of you are probably seeing this and saying
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