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Full Version: Whatcha Been Playing?
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Dragon Nest - Started playing again after a long break.

Sylvan Tale - I'm think I'm about 3/4ths of the way into the game. It's an easy way to itnroduce someone into the's kind of weird that Sega didn't do anything else with this property.

Skyward Sword - do we have a spoiler tag? I wanted to talk about some SS stuff without spoiling it.
Okay added a Spoiler tag
[*spoiler][/*spoiler] remove *

[spoiler]Vader is Luke's Father![/spoiler]
Seems like it's too easy to spoil yourself if just putting the mouse over the spoilered text reveals it.


Skyward Sword - [spoiler]I saw the changes for Hero mode and the difficulty spike almost has me worried. Does it reset your file when you save after beating the game or does it just flag it so that when you start anew you can go into that mode?[/spoiler]

Dragon Nest - I could breeze through these dungeons with a party, but I guess I've been away too long because there aren't that many people partying up in Carderock.
Mass Effect (360) - Finally got around to finishing it, Only took me 4 years.
Mass Effect 2 (360) - So far I'm really enjoying it, alot more then the first one. Hopefully it won't take me 4 years to finish this one. :p
Mass Effect 3 DEMO (360) - This is the reason why I got off my butt and decided to finish the first game and start playing the 2nd.
SSX DEMO (360) - This game is really cool, might pick it up after I finish off the Mass Effect Trilogy.
Street Fighter X Tekken (360) - It's Street Fighter 4 with Tekken characters put it, what more can I say. Fun game but I feel like I've played the same game 3 times before.
Super Mario World (SNES) - You know I never actually really played this game, The most I ever got to play of it was the demo system they had a Toys R Us back in the day. So now that I have my SNES hooked up I figured I would actually play and finish it... when I'm not playing Mass Effect that is. :p
I finally cracked open Sonic Colors.


I am impressed. This is the type of progression you expect after several games on the right track - how they managed to get this much right in one package in the same generation that spawned Sonic 06 is beyond me. Between this and Generations, I am liking this more. I easily adapted to the controls, I didn't feel there was any excessive boosting, the power ups put a great spin on things and encourage backtracking, I haven't encountered any glitches yet, the music is a huge step up over the buttrock that infested the series starting with the Adventure games, the level design is smarter and involves some actual skill, and it's nice to look at. I hope Sega isn't too stupid to realize that they finally got it right again.
Lots and LOTS of Kid Icarus Uprising, specially Online Light vs Dark Battles.

Also Trying to finish Skyward Sword.
Mass Effect 2 (360) - Still Playing, ALOT better then the first game.
Ninja Gaiden 3 (360) - Not an awful game, but if your expecting a game like the last 2 Ninja Gaidens prepare to be disappointed. This feels more like Dynasty Warriors or God of War. =/
Dead or Alive 5 Alpha Demo (360) - OMG, Fucken LOVE IT! It's only one level and 4 chracters but I keep re-playing it. The graphics are gorgeous! I can't wait for the full release and see what is going to be done with the story.
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES) - Found it along with a hand full of other NES games at GoodWill. Never played it as a kid, wish I had its a ton of fun. Smile
Draw Something (iOS) - The current hot iOS game, lots of my friends are playing it. It's pretty much online pictionary.
Triple Town (iOS) - Binhqx got be hooked on it. Hard to describe, pretty much match 3 items to build a single bigger item.
Shantae: Risky's Revenge (iOS) - Fun game, haven't got that far in yet, plays pretty much like the original. Got it for my iPad since I have it with me more often then my 3DS. Also has some graphic perks over the DSWare version.
Sonic Colors - Beaten! I heard Generations' final boss was a clusterfuck, I'm at least glad that Colors' wasn't! All I have left is to collect all of the red rings. There's a counter keeping track of S ranks too, but I'm not sure what getting those unlocks.

FFCC: The Crystal Bearers - Put about 3 hours into it so far. This is definitely, definitely not like the multiplayer games. This is strictly single player and built around the Wiimote. It's odd and unconventional, which his probably the experimental territory SE needs to explore. English localization feels a little bit of an afterthought, especially after seeing the hoops they jumped through with FF13 (and 12); there's no lip synching, and Layle's VA sounds bored sometimes, for what seems to be one of the more entertaining and upbeat main characters in an FF.

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst - So after years of wanting to, I finally got into PSO and started playing on a private server. I doubt anyone here still plays? Better late than never, I guess. I wanted to give it a proper swing before PSO2 comes along and steals all the attention.
Funny I've also been playing a FFCC game lately :p

FFCC: Ring of Fates (DS) - Gameplay is similar to other FFCC games, story is slow coming. Voice acting makes my ears bleed.
Mass Effect 2 (360) - Still playing
de Blob Revolution (WP7) - puzzle game set in the de Blob universe. pretty fun, nice quick pick up and play game.
Max & The Magic Marker (WP7) - Basic platformer, with the ability to draw items to help you complete puzzles and get over obstacles.
Fruit Ninja (WP7) - Fruit Ninja nuff said!
Draw Something (iOS) - Not playing as much, only doing 2 or 3 drawings a day. Still fun, but I find myself putting a lot more time into my drawings.
Torchlight (PC) - a fun but mindless game that could use more depth. I've played this twice and never gotten further than level 40ish. I have heard that the reason this isn't as polished as it should be is that they simply ran out of money and needed to get the game out. I have high hopes for the sequel.

Bastion (PC) - I never got around to this even though it was recommended to me over and over again last year. It is honestly one of the better games I have played in a long time and I'm definitely going to keep an eye on anything this team decides to do in the future. This is an awesome little game that doesn't over stay its welcome.

Waiting for Diablo 3 (All Platforms) - I don't buy pretty much anything on day one anymore. I have too little time and too many unplayed games on my shelf to want to add another "must-play" title to the backlog. However, playing Diablo 3 during the stress test has me counting down the days until May 15th. I needed to be playing this yesterday. If anyone else is going to check it out my battle tag is ColonialRed#1605.
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