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Full Version: Christmas Loot 2017
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It's that time of year again! Post what you got.

- Breakfast sandwich maker
- Fire Emblem Echoes
- Bravely Default
- Old school Polaroid camera
- Pajamas
- Elder Scrolls Anthology
- A Wrinkle in Time
- Chocolate
- Miles Morales Spiderman novel
- Best of Loose Ends CD
- Portable battery
- Cuphead
Physical Gifts
- Hot sauce collection
- A few nice shirts with ties
- Athletic shorts
- Underarmor leggings
- An Alexa that hasn't come yet
- Smart plugs to go with the Alexa that hasn't come yet
- Crock Pot
- Last season of Game of Thrones
- Groot T-shirt
- Infinity Gauntlet softcover
- Cookie Skillet
- Bunch of candy

Steam Gifts
- Secret of Mana remake
- Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
- Super Star Path
- Bot Vice
- Strikey Sisters