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Full Version: E3 2017 (SAMUS RETURNS)
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It's that time of year ago. Also one lucky Meda bastard is going this year (it's not me).

June 10th
EA Press con - 12/3 PM EDT

June 11th
Microsoft con - 2/5 PM EDT
Bethesda con - 9/12 AM 
Devolver Digital - 10/1 AM

June 12th
PC Gaming Show 10/1 PM EDT
Ubi con - 1/4 PM
Sony con - 5/8 PM

June 13th
Nintendo Digital Event - 9/12 PM EDT
Tree House Live - 9:30/12:30 PM
Show floor opens - 10/1 PM
Metroid Prime 4 Announced!
Metroid 2: Return of Samus 3DS Remake Announced!!
Metroid 2: Return of Samus 3DS Special Edition that has a CD of all Music!!!
New Metroid Amiibos (Samus and Metroid)!!!!

I am a VERY VERY happy gamer right now.

Everything else was ok. :p
I'll post pictures whenever I get them off my phone and have time to upload them.