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Full Version: Christmas loot 2016
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Almost forgot to make this thread! You know the drill, post what you got!

- Heated blanket (really needed this)
- Primo flavorstation
- Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
- Bluetooth gamepad
- Kenneth Cole cologne
- Arrow Season 1 blu-ray
- Batman t-shirt
- Pajamas
- Gardens of the Moon (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, #1)
- Shaving kit
- Misc stuff I'm probably forgetting
- 55" UHDTV Big Grin
- Power Rangers Legacy Thunder MegaZord
- Power Rangers Legacy Ninja MegaZord
- Power Rangers Legacy Movie Morpher Pink
- Power Rangers Legacy Movie Morpher Red (Got back into Power Rangers cause of my daughter)
- Star Wars VII Blu-Ray
- StarTrek IV SoundTrack Records
- Violet - Disney Infinity)
- Captain America Unmasked - Disney Infinity
- Good Eats Vol. 1 -3 (Books)
- Snow Boots
- Some other things but I can't remember right now :p