Project: Artificial Legacy will start out on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with the first game starting development in “1987” with a “1988” release date. Why the NES? The decision to have our first installment be built as if it was for the NES, comes from a few reasons; The NES was the start of the re-birth of the video… (Read more)

What is Project: Artificial Legacy you ask? Well it’s out next game/games of course. Project: Artificial Legacy, is going to be a large scale project, it will not just be one game but a series of games. Each game in the series will be designed as if it was created during a different generation. The… (Read more)

Welcome to the Medaverse Dev blog. Here we’ll be writing little tidbits as we go through the process of creating our next game. We hope that our fans will enjoy seeing how things progress. Our development process is a lot slower then others because for us developing games come second to our families and our… (Read more)