R-bot VS
Project: Artificial Legacy

Who are we?

A little bit of history on us, Medaverse was was founded in early 2002 as a fiction writing site where all of the stories took place in a single universe the ‘Meda-verse’. A few years later we would evolve into a Gaming news & reviews site

In 2006 we change shape again when we decided it was time to stop sitting on the sidelines reporting news and throw our own hat into the ring. In early 2007 Medaverse was re-named ‘Medaverse Studio’ and we official became a game development studio thanks in part to Nintendo. 2 years later on October 12th 2009 we released our first game ‘Gravitronix‘* on Nintendo’s Online service WiiWare, an 8 player arcade style battle game.

Our next games ‘R-Bot VS’ would released a few years later on Apple iPad in 2012, a throw back to the classic 2 player table top arcade games.

We took a small hiatus after releasing ‘R-Bot VS’ as members of our team started to settle down and it became a bit difficult for us to get together. In 2016 the team re-formed and we started work on our next game, Project: Artificial Legacy.